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by Kate Calamusa


Brabus x Jobe Shadow Seascooter

For those looking to plunge into the salt this summer, the minds at Brabus Marine and Jobe have collaborated on a cooler-than-cool underwater sea scooter that propels explorers through the shallows or down to 30 meters deep. Powered by a pair of 500W engines, the self-floating, electrically operated model boasts several nifty assets: A GoPro camera mount, a rechargeable battery that has enough juice to roam for 40 minutes uninterrupted, and three speed capabilities to suit both meandering missions and more rip-roarin’ rides. $1,000; shop.brabus.com


Ho Sports Rad 5

Channeling the inventive spirit of the homemade wooden watersports discs often spotted tailing boats during the 1960s, the Sammamish, Washington-based Ho Sports has infused this modern-day Rad 5 version with lots of style and substance. The roomy 5-foot-diameter disc features a grippy marine-grade EVA deck pad and thick welded dropstitch construction, plus a dual layer neoprene padded handle for easy steering and reboarding, in addition to a soft EVA handle hook for hands-free starts. The rider can lie down, sit, kneel, or stand as they ride the wake. Insider tip: when it comes time to give your muscles a well-deserved break, the brightly colored disc also functions nicely as a beachside float. $479; hosports.com


AlbusGolf Eco-Friendly Golf Balls

Make the drink your driving range this summer: Swing away from the aft deck or dock sans any guilt with the biodegradable, eco-friendly golf balls from Spain-based AlbusGolf. The inventive, single-use balls are manufactured specially for marine environments using non-contaminating materials. Not only are they non-toxic, but they are fish-friendly too: once the ball hits the water, the external layer biodegrades in less than 48 hours to release fish food contained in its core. To that we say, “Fore!” $56 for 24 balls; albusgolf.com

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SupMarine Clear SUP Boards

Enjoy the view above and below the water line with the Clear SUP board from SupMarine. Based out of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the brand’s stunning boards have been spotted along the sandy shores of luxury resort spots in Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Florida, but their sturdy construction would have them equally at ease in the Northwest as well. The boards allow for a full tip-to-tail, crystal clear peek at the shallows and depths lurking below, and feature a rubberized foot pad to provide added traction as you paddle. (Bladers would do well to note that the brand also offers a crystal clear kayak option as well.) $1,700; supmarineboards.com



JackRabbit Micro EBike

Land, ho! Weighing in at a small, but mighty, 24 pounds with the capability of folding down flat to just 7 inches wide, the JackRabbit micro e-bike is perfect for stashing and stowing aboard for your next trek on terra firma. Created in Southern California with campers, hikers, RVers, adventurers, and, yes, boaters in mind, the slick, little pedal-free models can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour for up to 10 miles at a time and has a strong metal frame and extra wide 20” tires to take on any bumps in the road you might encounter. While the bikes are available in several bright and fun styles, currently, it’s the limited-edition, octopus-themed edition crafted in partnership with the Qualified Captain that’s caught our interest. $999/$1,299(for Qualified Captain model); jackrabbit.bike



Blu3 Nomad Tankless Dive System

A hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving, the Blu3 Nomad delivers compressed air to divers via a hose connected to a battery-powered tankless diving system that floats on the surface like a buoy, allowing swimmers to breathe as they explore underwater to a maximum depth of 30 feet. Designed for more experienced divers (novices should check out the Florida-based brand’s Nemo model for a starter version), the Nomad offers a battery time of 45-60 minutes of dive time, comes with a dry float bag that offers waterproof storage, and packs up so compactly that the system can be taken aboard an airplane or stashed neatly in a locker near your swim platform. $1,799; diveblu3.com


Bote Inflatable Water Hammock

Create a heavenly and hip hangout zone or an instant cool-down splash pad, off the back of the boat with Bote Board’s latest and greatest release: a 10-foot-diameter inflatable water hammock. Designed with a contoured mesh and made from a super tough military grade PVC skin, the sweet hammock can be transported in its backpack-sized roller bag, then inflated in minutes to get the party started. Easy grab handles also make it easy to pick up and move, plus the style is outfitted with six Docklink D-ring connection points so that you can connect to an entire flotilla of fun, should you so choose. $999; boteboard.com

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