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Nate Seward to Helm Adventuress

by Schelleen Rathkopf

AdventuressSound Experience recently announced that Captain Nate Seward will be at the helm of the tall ship Adventuress. The Adventuress is a well-known sight locally with its majestic sails and wonderful educational platform. The mission of the historic schooner is to bring environmental awareness of Puget Sound to students both young and old.

“Nate knows Adventuress better than nearly all of us,” said Sound Experience Executive Director Catherine Collins. “He’s volunteered on her as a Port Townsend teenager more than a decade ago and has sailed aboard her for eight seasons as an educator, deckhand, bosun, second mate and chief mate.” Seward’s passion for education and maritime led him to his new role as Captain after many aquatic adventures.

He’s worked at Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Center for Wooden Boats, Northwest Maritime Center, and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, and has also spent time as crew of the Oliver Hazard Perry. Most recently, he was managing schooners for the Portland Schooner Company in Portland, Maine.

“With over a decade of experience, Nate is a uniquely talented mariner, a deeply knowledgeable rigger, and a natural leader,” wrote a shipmate about Nate’s qualifications for this position. “He knows this particular vessel from stem to stern and he is a curator of her enduring culture, the same culture that brings crew back season after season. We hope he will continue to have the opportunity to train new crews in the capacity of Captain.”

Seward is looking forward to his first sailing season as captain of Adventuress this spring. “Sound Experience helped me discover my love of teaching,” Seward says, “And I look forward to seeing where I can take it in this new role.”

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