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New Facilities at Shilshole Marina

by Evin Moore

Shilshole Marina
Shilshole Bay Marina is planning to build three new customer services buildings, which are expected to be completed by May 2020. Two larger buildings will be located in the center of the marina and to the south. These 2,7000-foot facilities will contain men and women restrooms with showers, plus family units with showers, all will be ADA-accessible.

The buildings will also contain expanded laundry facilities. Solar panels will provide 70% of the heat for each building. A third, smaller building in the north will contain gender-neutral restrooms and separate shower rooms. The older laundry and restroom buildings will then be removed and the whole parking area paved.

Questions or concerns about the project can be sent to: Shilshole-Outreach@portofseattle.org.

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