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New Interactive Boating Safety Course

by Evin Moore

Online Safety CourseSay goodbye to old-school videos and textbooks; a new interactive boating course is expected to attract and engage more students than ever before. Boating education isn’t necessarily the most exciting aspect of a boater’s life, but with ilearntoboat.com’s learning alternative, we can wave goodbye to the static material we’ve endured in the past and instead sail off into the sunset with our new game-acquired boating certificate.

This groundbreaking course is the first to be approved by state and regulatory agencies and is sure to put a new slant on education in the boating industry. According to Edward Cosette, VP of E-Learning, “over half of the students who sign up for an online course never complete it.” The hope for
ilearntoboat.com’s course is to engage learners and simplify the learning process, to foster long-term retention, and to appeal to more students than ever before.

The game opens to the sound of squawking seagulls over the soothing sound of waves before we meet four comic-inspired buddies of varying boating experiences who embark on a nautical adventure together. The student learner explores, searches, and investigates to solve the game’s mystery, learning legal requirements and safe boating practices along the way. Learn cast off and docking, traffic laws of the water, state-specific rules and regulations, emergency procedures, and more at your own pace. Click through dialogue windows with varied questions and answers that spike your personal interests, collect “achievements,” and complete “learning activities” to level-up. On average, the game takes a few hours to complete and your earned certificate is valid until the end of the calendar year in which the course was completed.

This interactive course is designed in conjunction with boating and safety agencies responsible for boating education in the U.S. and can be taken on any desktop or mobile device. After the course receives approval by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), it will be open to the public.

Parent company of ilearntoboat.com, Kalkomey Enterprises is an official recreational safety education provider for all 50 states and has been making wakes in the industry since 1995 producing print and internet resources for safety certifications. Visit ilearntoboat.com to learn more.

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