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New Leadership at
Signature Yachts

by Schelleen Rathkopf

A veteran crew member has assumed the helm at Lake Union’s venerable Signature Yachts. Tori Parrott, new president and co-owner of the 32-year-old dealership and brokerage, announced that she and her partner Dixie McCullough completed final details of their purchase last month of Signature Yachts, founded and run by Robbie Robinson until his death last September.

Tori brings to the job not only 20 years as a top Signature Yacht broker working and learning from Robbie, but also a lifelong love of sailing and an extensive sailing and cruising resume. “Love of life on the water remains strong for many people, even a comfort in challenging times,” shares Tori. “It’s our place to get away with those we love.”

Tori Parrott and Robbie Robinson

Robbie Robinson & Tori Parrott

Experience, at sea and ashore, informs her optimism and underlines the wisdom of trimming the sails in shifting winds. She began her career with Signature in 2001 after cruising the South Pacific aboard her 51’ wooden sloop Sea Fever. In the wake of 9/11 and later in the 2008 financial crisis, Signature and Tori made the necessary adjustments to survive and ultimately prosper when others did not. “This new job is a great challenge and a great opportunity,” she adds. “One thing we look forward to, is honoring Robbie’s legacy by building on the great reputation and history that we have built over the years.”

Signature Yachts also welcomes Dan O’Connell to the team. Dan and his wife Denise moved to Seattle from Winter Park, Colorado, where he was a professional skier, a builder of custom homes, and a sailor on the high mountain lakes. His love for sailing began in Wisconsin where he grew up.

“My goal is to become involved with the sailing community here,” says O’Connell. “I could not have achieved that in any better way than getting the opportunity to be a part of the Signature Yachts family.” Look for his beloved E Scow Beth out on the waters soon.

Signature represents Beneteau, Amel, and Fontaine Pajot lines in the Northwest along with a brokerage list that offers a wide variety of clean and nicely priced boats. “We will continue to honor the commitment that Robbie instilled in us to do business with honesty and integrity, providing exceptional service while bringing a sense of joy and fun to yachting,” adds Parrott.

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