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QR-Code Video Library

Outer Reef Yachts Launches
QR-Code Video Library

by Randy Woods

Outer Reef Yachts
Outer Reef Yachts, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has introduced a new service video offering, featuring engaging presentations by Captain Randy Ives, the company’s commissioning, warranty and service project manager.

The videos, based on several important topics, such as “Understanding the Outer Reef Fuel Transfer System,” present simple, step-by-step video explanations by Ives. Boat owners and operators can view the videos via QR codes strategically placed on each piece of Outer Reef equipment.

The goal of these service videos is to provide each owner/operator with helpful and relevant information that is conveniently accessible through a scan of a QR code with any mobile device. The videos eliminate the need to locate printed manuals for each piece of equipment.

Outer Reef QR CodeOuter Reef began converting many of its technical manuals to QR-code-accessible digital formats four years ago. The resulting “Quik Code System” stores computer-generated images and information that could be reached without typing a URL into and internet browser, making it possible to look up information quickly through a smartphone or other handheld mobile device instead of a laptop computer.

The yacht-maker was also the first manufacturer to provide each owner/operator with an iPad version of each yacht’s Owner’s Instructional and Maintenance Manual, delivered via Wheelhouse Technologies. This enabled captains and maintenance technicians at every level to access vital information about each vessel, while also allowing Wheelhouse to provide automatic updates to the database, as needed.

The new video library has been merged with Outer Reef’s Service Initiative, offered in 2018, to provide customers with their own personalized owners’ portals, online, mobile-friendly, vessel-specific dashboards that present real-time information and service updates.

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