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Pearl’s Picks – December 2021

by NWY Staff

Sailing Off to Sleep

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, and the Regatta Indoor/Outdoor Pet Futon from Nautical Luxuries makes it easy for me to curl up and get cozy whether I’m on land or at sea. Made from durable, water-resistant polyester material, and finished with cord trim, the stylish and lightweight bed can be rolled up for travel or easily moved from place to place. Plus, the cover zips off for easy machine washing should I decline to wipe my paws before drifting off to dreamland. Available in three sizes, $98-$122 // nauticalluxuries.com

Totes Chic

‘Tis the season for slick docks, drippy days, and Pearl-sized puddles, so I shall deem to stay nice and dry in my Roverlund Out-and-About Pet Tote, thank you very much. Perfect for jaunts about town, this sturdy carrier is crafted from marine and mountaineering grade fabrics and also boasts padded, slip-resistant shoulder straps, interior padded bottom, and a clip-on carabiner for storing keys and baggies. Should I be feeling social, there’s even an ergonomic neck scoop so I can pop my head out to say hello. Available in two sizes, $139-$149 // roverlund.com

Get Smart

Billed to be chew-proof, dirtproof, and waterproof (even against that notorious salt spray), the new Fi Series 2 Collar is one techy accessory. When used in tandem with the brand’s app, my parents can use it to track my whereabouts via GPS should I go wandering, as well as also track my daily routine, such as step counts and sleep habits. Also helpful for our winter jaunts around the Sound. The LED collar light that can be programmed to my favorite color (ocean blue, naturally) for increased visibility. Available in four sizes, $149 // shop.tryfi.com

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