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Pearl’s Picks for August 2022

by NWY Staff
Pearl's Picks

Sunny Attitude

Given my more diminutive stature, I’m not one to flaunt my “guns” as some are prone to during the dog days of summer, but my cute little tongue? That’s another story. Thus, I shall be panting pretty during the next heat wave in the “Sun’s Out, Tongues Out” bandana from Etsy vendor Rustic Glitter Co. Crafted from a lightweight fabric in an easy-to-tie triangle design, the cute kerchief comes in an array of colors to match any summer leash and collar combination you might have on board. $9.77-$11.90 depending on size and color // etsy.com/shop/RusticGlitterCo

Ice, Ice Baby

Sun’s out: time for a sweet and cool treat! You’ve never seen a more enthusiastic, tail-wagging display of happiness than the sight of yours truly parked in front of a cup of Swell dog gelato. Crafted from real, wholesome ingredients in the brand’s The Dalles, Oregon headquarters and available in a range of refreshing flavors (I’m partial to the banana-peanut butter, sweet potato-molasses, or “It’s My Barkday” triple berry), this smooth, creamy, summer snack is one both Mom and I can feel good about. https://www.swellgelato.com/

Keepin’ My Cool

I take my daily aft deck naps very seriously, and this Cooling Mat Bed from Sun Squad keeps me seriously cool no matter how long my snooze fest may last. Featuring a soft outer surface to sprawl on, an interior foam fill for cushioned comfort, and an extra gel insert that can be placed in the fridge or freezer for an extra chilly feel on truly sweltering days, the lightweight, foldable design is easy to transport up and down the dock on travel days. (Plus, the insanely cute ice cream print may send my paw-rents subliminal messages to snag me more Swell gelato!) $25 // Available at area Target stores, target.com

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