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Port of Call: Gorgeous Greece

by Lori Eastes

Experience a world of color and life like never before during your luxury yacht charter through the islands of Greece. Cruise past the stunning archipelagos revealing rolling, rugged mountains as you skim the cerulean blue waters that brush up against the golden sand beaches; get lost looking at the picturesque architecture as you savor epicurean delights; find your adventurous side as you zoom through the open road on an ATV speeding past the beautiful scenery; walk along the brilliant beach while enjoying a crisp cocktail and watching the sun go down. It’s all just waiting for you on this eight-day journey through the myriad islands of this Mediterranean nation, now open to tourists once again.

Day 1 – Athens

Begin your journey in Athens. Take time to see the iconic Parthenon and Acropolis before boarding your private yacht for an evening of rest and relaxation. After enjoying an exquisite meal prepared by your own personal chef, head to back shore where you can experience the seemingly never-ending nightlife.

Day 2 – Tzia (Kea)

Wake up to views of pristine beaches adorning the coast. Relish in the beauty of the rolling hills beyond. Let your doting crew pamper you with a decadent breakfast before journeying to Pisses Beach. There, spend the afternoon in the water with all the toys you can imagine—glide through the water on a hydrofoil or dart through the waves on a jet ski, all the while soaking in the sun.

Day 3 – Syros

Continue your journey in Syros, just 78 nautical miles from Athens. The capital city of Ermoupoli dates back to the 1820s. Appreciate the calm and quiet harbor as you marvel in the beauty of the colorful mansions, neoclassical architecture, and white buildings lining the mountainside. Enjoy breakfast at a quaint café on the hillside before returning to your yacht.

Day 4 – Delos & Mykonos

Before stopping at the incredibly popular and world-renowned destination of Mykonos, take time to cruise to Delos. Although it is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, it is packed with historical archaeological sites and considered a legendary location within Greek mythology. After being awed by the massive white statues and magnificent mosaics in Delos, head to the bright coastal town of Mykonos. From dawn to dusk, you’ll spend your time on the bustling beaches listening to the loud music radiating from the nearby nightclubs.

Day 5 – Paros

With their distinctly vivid blue doorways, the signature white buildings here will catch your eye from afar. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros is a bustling cosmopolitan village. Experience the local flavor at a restaurant in Naoussa, where you can watch boats of all types and sizes pass through the small fishing harbor. Thrill seekers can spend the afternoon windsurfing or kite surfing on New Golden Beach where you are sure to be blown away by the beautiful sights.

Day 6 – Santorini

Explore the volcanic sand beaches and natural rock formations of the Caldera in Santorini, the stunning topography is a reminder of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. Spend your day onboard sunbathing on the deck or swimming in the cool and refreshing ocean, all while taking in the exquisite scenery and the breathtaking sunsets for which the island is known. Head to Oia, on the northwest tip of the end, to appreciate the red- and pink-tinged sunset moment in all its glory, the town coming to a collective stop as all eyes are on the horizon.

Day 7 – Milos

If crystal blue turquoise waters are what you seek, look no further than Polýaigos, an uninhabited island where the white cliffs lining the coast are scattered with mystical caves, unique landscapes, and wild goats (its name, in fact, means “many goats”). A short jaunt away is Milos, where you should take an exploration ashore through the winding catacombs that lead to the ancient Theatre of Milos and sit on one of the many tiers of marble seats facing the harbor beyond.

Day 8 – Sifnos

Conclude your epic itinerary in Sifnos, an exquisite island with a robust culinary scene. Spend your day on a secluded beach where you’ll enjoy a hearty picnic on the soft sand. Work up an appetite as you swim and snorkel along the hidden beaches. Before leaving Sifnos, taste the local favorites at one of the acclaimed restaurants. (A true and authentic produce-laden Greek salad is not to be missed.)

Return to Athens, taking in the jaw dropping landscapes, vibrant island colors, and endless blue sky on the journey. With an abundance of amazing attractions, this country caters to travelers of all types from history enthusiast and nature lovers to adventure seekers and cosmopolitan elite. Begin planning your glamourous Greek vacation onboard a private yacht now.  

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