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Radar that sees all

by Norris Comer

Simrad Halo RadarSimrad’s Halo Radar had a giant effect on the marine industry in early 2015 as one of the first solid-state, open-array systems that turned the radar world on its head. No longer were mariners forced to deal with the shortcomings of cavity magnetrons, and a new world of possibilities was opened.

The Halo Radar combines much of what is best about the pulse and 4G broadband radar systems. MARPA target tracking technology can track up to ten manually selected targets, and even 20 when the radar is operating in dual-range mode. The various pre-setup modes like Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and Bird make the unit easy for anybody to use, and the exclusively compatible Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction displays are clear and beautiful. The whole system has Ethernet connectivity.

The Halo is open array with a high speed of 48 RPM. and a range of up to 72 nautical miles. The array turns on with minimal start up time (unlike the old school radars). The Halo comes in three sizes, the Halo-3, -4, and -6 that retail at ($5,250.00, $5,816.00, and $6,381.00 respectively).

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