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Rum Runnin’: Dark ‘N’ Stormy

by Bridget Charters

As discussed last month, rum is the beverage long associated with sailing and sailors. Rum is the byproduct of sugar production and the result of the distillation of the molasses left to ferment in the hot Caribbean sun, the West Indies specifically. Sometime in the mid- to late 1600s some brave soul thought to distill the remaining brown molasses, thus creating kill-devil or rumbullion, later known as rum.

Rum was easy to store and quickly became the beverage of choice for sailors and pirates. Rum ranges from a heavy, dark color from aging to golden, light, or almost clear color. The darker aged rums come from historic islands in the Caribbean such as Barbados, Jamaica, or Dominica. The lighter rums became popular when Bacardi was forced from Cuba during the takeover by Castro and moved to Puerto Rico.

Bermuda was known to ferment ginger beer that was topped with a splash of dark rum, which created a stormy look for the drink. The Dark ‘N’ Stormy is one of the drinks we associate with sailing and regattas. Do treat yourself to a Dark ‘N’ Stormy in hommage to our typical Pacific Northwest winter!


Dark ‘N’ Stormy

  • 2 ounces of Goslings Black Seal Rum
  • 4-6 ounces ginger beer
    (for a local twist, use the delicious Rachel’s Ginger Beer)
  • 1 big, thick wedge of lime

Directions: I prefer a large pint glass, fill with ice. Top the ice with the ginger beer, and then top with the shot of rum. Do not stir or you will damage the stormy look of the drink! Set a big wedge of lime on the side. Serve immediately.

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