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Seattle Boat Show Seminars Finalized

by Evin Moore

Seattle Boat Show Seminar
The Seattle Boat Show will be returning to CenturyLink Field and Event Center starting on January 24, and with it comes over 200 free seminars for show attendees. This year’s show will include 160 talks on boating topics and 77 on fishing and crabbing topics, featuring dozens of new presenters and topics.

The 2020 boating seminars will be presented by 60 speakers and include a wide range of seminars so any boater will find something to enjoy.

For fishing enthusiasts, there’s no better way to spend your free time at the show than by attending a fishing or crabbing seminar. This year’s show will host 15 speakers, five of whom are new. Beside the regular talks, on Saturday January 25, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Region 6 Director Larry Phillips and staff members will host a Q&A session on all things fishing/hunting, killer whale issues, salmon season setting, licensing, and more.

The boat show runs this year from Friday, January 24 to Saturday, February 1, with two locations; indoors at CenturyLink Field Event Center and afloat at South Lake Union. A full list of the seminars and Boat Show University classes can be found at seattleboatshow.com/seminars.

General Seminars

  • Dungeness Crabbing Curriculum
  • Conquering Your Cruising Fears
  • 20 Ways to Enjoy Catamaran Cruising (and 10 Ways Not to)
  • The Single Girl’s DIY Guide to Cruising the Inside Passage
  • Chartering in Croatia
  • Cruising with Your Canine Companions
  • Planning Ahead for a Safe Boating Trip Using the NANOOS Boaters Application
  • Coastal Winds: Sea Breezes, Cold Air Outflows, Corner Effect, Dirty Air, and More!
  • International Couples Cruising on $60/day (for Everything!)

Fishing Seminars

  • Dungeness Crabbing Curriculum
  • Coastal Tuna, Salmon, and Bottomfish Fisheries and More
  • Downrigger Trolling Tactics
  • Using Electronics to Target Trophy Fish in Pacific Northwest
  • Successful Puget Sound Shrimping
  • Hunting for Halibut and Lingcod
  • Triple Threat Salmon Angling

Boat Show University

Boat Show University will once again be offering classes that are even more in-depth than the seminars, with passes starting at $55 for three-hour classes or $149 for all-day passes. Classes at the Boat Show University include:

  • Boating maintenance expert Nigel Calder on diesel engine and electrical troubleshooting
  • Two emergency room nurses share how to treat common boating ailments and more serious injuries
  • Waggoner Cruising Guide editors Mark Bunzel and Leonard and Lorena Landon on planning cruises in the San Juan Islands and up the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska
  • The Boat Doctor, Mike Beemer, on troubleshooting and adding the right gear to your boat
  • Women’s Day presenters Captains Linda Lewis and Margaret Pommert on their course “101 Practical Tips for Safe and Fun Cruising”

*Additional General, Fishing, and Boat Show University Seminars can be found at seattleboatshow.com/seminars.

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