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by Norris Comer

Hatteland DisplaysThe days of hunching over old charts or squinting at poorly pixilated display screens are dead, and Hatteland displays are holding the smoking gun. Hatteland is a Norwegian company that manufacturers displays and computers for navigation for the maritime industry. Not only does the company handle displays for recreational yachts, but commercial shipping companies and international navies are also regular clients. If you want endorsements, you’ve got them.

Hatteland’s most physically impressive design is the recently released 55-inch Multi Vision Display that essentially turns a chart table into an electronic interface. The high-resolution 4K display has a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160, and also sports practical features including a UHD Display Port and HDMI and DVI inputs. The LED backlight technology will keep the images clear and crisp, while 100% full dimming capability is made to cope with the night. The unit comes with several mounting options that include a console, wall mount, flat desk, and adjustable floor stand choices. The adjustable floor stand is a motorized pedestal that can be used to bring the display to the exact height and angle desired for the user. The 55-inch 4K monitor can respond to as may as 40 points of touch, which can make plotting a course a team activity. What’s more, one can opt for an integrated PC to turn the display into a fully functioning computer. You may very well forget you’re skippering a yacht to Alaska and try to hail Starfleet.

Hatteland has more options to suit non-super yacht owners. For example, their 32-inch, high-resolution 4K display is essentially the smaller version of the 55-inch with similar capabilities and mounting options. Both displays are radar compliant to make viewing the obstacles on your course as easy as it gets. The company’s newest product is the Panel Computer Series X, which comes in both 13.3-inch and 7-inch models. The Series X is a versatile line of displays integrated with PC units that are made to be rugged and easy to use.

Hatteland units are all optically bonded liquid crystal displays (LCD’s). The clear appearance of LCD screens is largely due to the characteristic of human binocular vision to view color contrast. For example, this is more visible than that due to the page color of Northwest Yachting. With regards to LCD and human sight, the optical unit is defined as contrast ratio (CR). CR is simply the ratio of light color luminance divided by the dark color luminance. In other words, a display may have a white luminance of 50.00 cd/m2 (candelas per meter squared) and the black luminance of 1.0 cd/m2, resulting in a CR of 50:1. As a general rule, the human eye cannot see the differences in contrast below a CR of 5:1, or beyond a CR of 100:1.

The Hatteland 55-inch Multi Vision Display purportedly costs around $20,000 with the power stand but without the built-in PC. For more information and pictures, check out hatteland-display.com.

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