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Shop! 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

by NWY Staff

Holiday Guide 2018

Northwest Yachting’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide
By Northwest Yachting Staff

AAccording to the Andy Williams’ lyrics on the radio, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Colorful lights decorate masts and rigging, seasonal scents of pine, cinnamon, and warm apple pie all tingle our noses at get-togethers, and carols permeate the air.

The holiday season has arrived, and with it, the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Luckily, we’ve prepared our annual collection of boating-related presents to help you out.

If your last-minute tendencies got the best of you yet again, take a gander at this curated collection of seaworthy deals. Browse everything from handmade nautical jewelry, space-saving galley gadgets, top-notch electronics, and even tasty treats that your pup is sure to drool over. Some items are handpicked straight from the sands of our Pacific Northwest beaches, others are designed to withstand the tests of nature as you brave the west side of Vancouver Island. We have more gift ideas than ever this year to fill every stocking.

No matter the occasion, this is a time for celebration and reflection, happiness and joy, and most importantly, spending time with those you love. All of us here at Northwest Yachting wish you all a magical holiday season and smooth shopping spree. Cheers!


1. Chiyoda Single Watch Winder

Chiyoda Watch Winder

Never miss another tidal window with the help of the CHIYODA Double Watch Winder. This dual watch winder gives your Rolex, Omega, Pongines, Piaget, Tissot—you name it—the proper TPDs (turns per day) required to keep them accurate when not worn. Complete with environment-friendly wood box, a glossy painting, velvet internal cloth, acrylic organic glass window, and even a golden key, this winder is sleek, shiny, and useful. Find it on amazon.com for $89.99.

2. Rolex Watches


Rolex has been part of the sailing world since the 1950’s with their Submariner watch. Since then they’ve continued to release men’s and women’s watches perfect for both black-tie events and days on the water. The Oyster Perpetual 31 (left) is made with Oystersteel technology and is waterproof up to 330’. This Rolex model geared toward the ladies is robust, comfortable, and reliable. The Rolex Yacht-Master 40 (right) is a regatta chronograph designed with yacht racing in mind. The calibre 3135 self-winding mechanical movement is a certified Swiss chronometer, and the bidirectional 60-minute bezel allows the wearer to calculate time down to the second, perfect for measuring sailing time between two buoys. Find the Yacht-Master 40 (prices vary) and the Oyster Perpetual 31 ($5,000) at local jeweler Alvin Goldfarb on agjeweler.com or call (425) 454-9393.

3. Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool

A lightweight, compact multi-tool ideal for carrying in a pocket, the Skeletool from Leatherman weighs in at just 5 ounces and has seven tools folded into its body. The Skeletool is made of stainless steel and comes with a 25-year guarantee from Leatherman. The tool is available in plain stainless steel, blue, green, and coyote tan. If you’re looking for a small, convenient multi-tool for your everyday projects, check out the Leatherman Skeletool at leatherman.com for $60.

4. AxisGO™


The AxisGO™ is designed to protect your iPhone from anything the world throws at you, even underwater exploration. Take it along on a snorkel or dive up to 33’ deep to capture stunning imagery with the phone’s camera app. The touch screen even retains 100 percent of its sensitivity while underwater and your phone stays as dry as the Sahara Desert while submerged. It’s constructed from polycarbonate and aluminum materials to help with impact resistance, UV stability, stiffness, and strength. Visit aquatech.net to learn more or purchase one for $199.

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The Galley

5. Nautical Whale Salt and Pepper Shakers

Nautical Whale Salt and Pepper Shakers

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? This adorable whale salt and pepper shaker set would add waves of cuteness to any nautical setting. Double them up as décor on the dinner table or find a cute spot for them in the galley to trend up your boring-looking spice shelf. Purchase them on amazon.com from just $8.74.

6. Prestige Decanters

Prestige Decanters

No salon is complete without a collection of favorite liquors to enjoy after a day on the water. You could store your drinks in their bottles, but why not pour drinks out of a piece of fine art. These conversation-starting pieces from Prestige Decanters are individually made and hand-blown by experienced craftsmen.

All decanters are made with stainless-steel spigots and solid oak bases. The spigots are leakproof, and the ground glass stopper ensures your liquor is safe from air borne impurities. If that weren’t enough, Prestige has pledged to plant one tree for every decanter sold. Prestige Decanters start at $120, take a look at the selection on prestigedecanters.com.

7. Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

No acidity, no bitterness, no fuss. The Aeropress Coffee Maker is simple and easy to use, and brews one to three cups of American-style or espresso coffee in about a minute with very little cleanup- a perfect cruising companion. Pick on up at aeropressinc.com for $34.99.

8. Navigator Whiskey Set

Navigator Whiskey Set

We all have that friend who drinks whiskey straight out of the bottle. Sure, it works, but this European mouth-blown, lead-free crystal decanter holds 28 ounces of your favorite aqua vitae and comes with four 14-ounce double old-fashioned glasses.

Just imagine how sweet that would look in your vessel’s salon. Pull off the crystal stopper, give yourself a generous pour, and sip from a glass that resembles the life you know and love—the boater’s life. You can find them online at nauticalluxuries.com for $64.

9. Mariner Cheese Board

Mariner Cheese Board

The cheesier the party, the better, right? Okay, so not always, but this Mariner Cheese Board adds the good kind of cheesiness to your nautical-themed event. Four cheese tools are secured around the helm-inspired board by magnets next to four stationary handles, completing the helm look. Each 1” by 9” round, rubberwood cutting board comes with one crumbly cheese knife, one cheese fork, one blunt-tipped cheese knife, and one pointed-tip cheese knife. Purchase yours at coastalgifts.com for $35.

10. Chill-o-Matic Beverage Chiller

Chill-o-Matic Beverage Chiller

At this time of year, you’re probably not too concerned about finding a cold drink, but hot weather will be back before you know it. The Chill-o-Matic can cool a 12-ounce can down to refrigerated levels in just 60 seconds. It works by rapidly spinning a can in a chamber filled with ice cubes. The spinning means that the liquid in the center of the can is constantly being brought to the colder edges of the can, cooling it quickly. The Chill-o-Matic is lightweight and powered by two AA batteries, it is the perfect travel companion for picnics, boating, or vacation. Next summer, if you don’t want to be caught with a warm drink, pick up a Chill-o-Matic drink chiller from odditymall.com for $25.

11. Wine Pearls

Wine Pearls

“We’re coming about!” yells the captain, so you set your glass of white wine in your cockpit drink holder to tend to the lines only to come back to a lukewarm version of your once-chilled wine. Instead of completely watering it down with an ice cube, throw in a couple of these wine pearls—they’re visually appealing and useful! Their oval shape is designed for round-bottomed glasses. Keep these stainless-steel orbs in the freezer and plop one in every time your beverage needs a dose of the arctic. Visit uncommongoods.com to purchase a set for $25.

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12. Whiskey-Enhanced Oak Honey Tumbler

Whiskey-Enhanced Oak Honey Tumbler

You’re right, you don’t need an Oak Honey Tumbler to drink whiskey, but that’s one of the many reasons why this whiskey-enhancing, tasteful wooden cup makes a fantastic gift! Each tumbler is crafted from solid oak, lined with honey wax to help bring out the flavor (extra wax included) and features a wide base to let the aromas expand. This is a cup worthy of a top-notch beverage. Purchase yours from uncommongoods.com from $14.

13. Angry Mama

Angry Mama

Add some sass to your cleaning supplies with the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. Let’s be honest, cleaning your microwave is the worst, but by adding vinegar and water to our Angry Mama and microwaving for 7 minutes, the hot steam that comes out of Angry Mama’s head releases dirt and stains that get caught in your microwave’s hard-to-reach corners for easy cleaning. Pro-tip: Add lemon juice to your vinegar solution to add a fresh fragrance! Her arms stay cool so she’s easy to remove post-cleaning. Pick up an Angry Mama on amazon.com from $8.64. Colors and combo packs vary.

14. Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator

When happy hour hits and you’re craving that glass of red wine, you can forget about adding the extra time to let it aerate. Who has the patience for that? Just place a glass under the aerator and pour wine through the aerator’s opening. The wine is aerated as it flows through the Vinturi and into the glass; it increases the wines velocity while simultaneously decreasing its pressure. The pressure draws in the correct amount of air, mixing with the wine for the right amount of time, and in the end, you’ll be sipping on the tasty bouquet of enhanced flavors meant to be enjoyed in a glass of red wine. The aerator comes with a No-Drip Aerator Stand and a Filter Screen on vinturi.com for $29.99.

15. Turquoise Coastal Kitchen Tea Towels

Bring the ocean to your galley with the help of these Turquoise Coastal Kitchen Tea Towels. The pack of three includes a starfish, jellyfish, and crab turquoise and green pattern with the option to personalize each tea towel with whatever you’d like. Throw on your favorite beach name, your gift receiver’s name, a family name, you name it! The 100 percent cotton towels are hemmed on all four sides and include a hanging loop at one end. They’re 26.5” x 17” and are available on etsy.com at Lemondaisy Design for $16.

16. Kamoto – Portable Openfire Pit

Kamoto – Portable Openfire Pit

The Kamoto Portable Openfire Pit is an off-the-ground firepit that doubles as a camp stove and/or grill that you can take with you virtually anywhere. It’s perfect for the outdoorsman on the go and never leaves a trace. It’s built to last using stainless-steel and powder-coated steel that folds up nicely for easy carrying. The fire pit is complete with wind protection sides and a bottom air vent for effective combustion. When folded, the Openfire Pit measures 18.5” x 2.4” x 25.6” and weighs 15.4 pounds. Visit huckberry.com for more information or pick one up for the holidays for $134.98.

17. Starfish Serving Bowl

This Floating Starfish Aluminum Serving Bowl is perfect for bringing a bit of the sea with you on any dry land celebration. These organically shaped bowls feature detailed starfish that seem to be floating on the 100 percent recycled aluminum surface, just as they would on the ocean floor. The bowls are eco- and user-friendly; the aluminum will retain its shine without any need for polishing. Choose between two sizes: large (17” x 12.5” x 2”) or small (12.75” x 9” x 2.5”). Purchase from nauticalluxuries.com for $175.

18. Hardwood Organics Coasters

Hardwood Organics Coasters

Anyone else cringe when a sweating glass is set atop a wood table? You’re not alone. The trick is to get unique and stylish coasters your guests want to use! These Hardwood Organics Coasters are original designs made by hand. The lightweight, intricate disks are laser cut from unsealed, unfinished basswood so they can absorb more moisture than the average wood coaster, taking on a natural stain of its own in the process. This set of six 3.9”-wide coasters includes two sets of three designs inspired by natural wood. $35 from knackshops.com.

Stocking Stuffers

19. Customized Burgee

Customized Burgee

A customized burgee could be a thoughtful and personalized gift for your seasalty friends this holiday season. North Flags has you covered with high quality yacht club burgees tailored to your preferences. Just upload a file of your desired artwork, request specific colors and fonts, and let the magic happen! They offer everything from battle, class, and officer flags to race code, regatta, power squadron, and even golf flags. If you need a flag, they’ll make it. Visit northflags.com to start the creative process.

20. Flask Book Box

Flask Book Box

A great gag gift for the drinker with everything, the Flask Book Box is the ideal hiding spot for your drink of choice. Inspired by Prohibition-era stashes, these flask hiding spots are hand-made from real vintage library books. Open the cover to reveal the first pages of a novel or dictionary, then turn a few more pages to find the cut-out for the included flask. Because the Flask Book Boxes are made of real vintage books, size and condition of book can vary. If you’d like a respectable place to stash your booze, check out the Flask Book Box on uncommongoods.com for $56.

21. Sea2See Sunglasses

Sea2See Sunglasses

Sea2See creates high-quality glasses and sunglasses out of recycled fishnet plastic. Their unisex designs offer 100 percent UV protection and feature Side Flex technology to reduce pressure points around the temple. Their Shine model flaunts the Havana Shiny frame with a colored lens. Check them out online at sea2see.org from $99.99.

22. Yacht Cufflinks

Yacht Cufflinks

Nothing says captain like a pair of sterling silver sailing cufflinks. Each cufflink measures 1.25” tall and features the most predominant visual qualities of any sailing vessel; the sails, mast, and hull are a given, but these little cuff companions even have the helm and rudder visible! Next time you’re at a fancy nautical dinner or just want to strut around your home looking bougie and bold, sport the yacht cufflinks. Available at nauticalluxuries.com for $195.

23. Whales Travel Cubes

These nautical-themed lightweight bags are a super convenient spot to store socks, underwear and other small items that could be lost in the depths of your duffle, suitcase, or purse. The largest bag measures 15” x 12”, the medium is 11” x 9”, and the small is 6” x 8”. Visit rockflowerpaper.com to purchase your set of three for $27.95.

24. Sea Bags

Sea Bags draw from our nautical obsessions by converting sails into crafted bags and accessories. These particular anchor toiletry bags make finding travel products easy thanks to their red spinaker interior, and their flat bottom allows them to stand on any surface. Purchase on seabags.com from $35.

Holiday Guide Group 3

25. Bubble Earrings

Yacht Cufflinks

It’s now possible to capture the essence of the sea and carry it with you in the form of stunning jewelry, thanks to TACTshop’s unique earrings. Sand and/or water from our Pacific Northwest waters fills these tiny glass orbs, which you can flaunt at your next rendezvous. Purchase from TACTshop on etsy.com for $18.97.

26. Cultured Beach Glass Bracelet

Cultured Beach Glass Bracelet

Made from recycled glass, each Jonara Blu Maui handmade bracelet is randomly shaped and tied together by 14k gold-filled wire. Puka shells found in the bracelet’s clasp are hand-picked from Hawaii’s sandy beaches and all components come together to create a bracelet that can be wrapped four times around the wrist, worn as a necklace, or layered with other bracelets and/or necklaces. Colors and shapes are dependent on glass availability. Items typically ship in two business days, but it’s a good rule of thumb to allow a few extra days of shipping time during the holidays. Browse bracelet options at Jonara Blu Maui Jewelry’s store on etsy.com for $55.

Apparel & Cloth

27. Northwest Yachting Gear

Northwest Yachting Gear

In need of a holiday gift? We have just the thing for you. Northwest Yachting gear! That’s right, we have T-shirts and beanies, and they’re all available on nwyachting.com. Why not represent your favorite publication (and the Pacific Northwest boating community) by strutting around in our top-notch gear—you’ll be turning heads at every waypoint; just you watch. Available online for $17 at nwyachting.com/shop.

28. Nomadix Towel

Nomadix Towel

Nomadix put your consumer recycled plastic bottles to use to create their all-encompassing, multi-purpose towels. They’re super absorbent, quick-drying, lightweight, sand-resistant, anti-microbial, durable, stretch-resistant, anti-slip, and long-lasting. Each 30” by 72” towel is made of 80 percent polyester (60 percent recycled) and 20 percent nylon. The full collection of towels, yoga mats, festival blankets and more are online at nomadix.co. Towels are $39.95.

29. Ororo Heated Jacket

Ororo Heated Jacket

A heated jacket can really take the edge off those cold, windy days. The jackets from Ororo are constructed with a softshell outer layer and a fleece-lined inner layer. A certified battery powers two heated panels with adjustable levels on the front and rear of the jacket. A full charge gives eight hours of heat and a USB port allows you to charge your phone and other devices. The jackets from Ororo are machine washable and come with a one-year warranty. Find them at ororowear.com, starting at $149.99.

30. Helly Hansen women’s Crew Jacket

Helly Hansen women’s Crew Jacket

Instead of having layers upon layers of a thermal, fleece, windbreaker, and more, why not embrace the minimal lifestyle with one jacket that does it all? Helly Hansen’s Women Sailing Insulated Layer Crew Jacket in white is a one-and-done kind of deal. It’s waterproof yet breathable, keeping you warm and dry in most weather conditions. Comfort is everything when on the water and having the right coat to keep you warm and dry while braving the biting cold of the Pacific Northwest could make all the difference. Purchase at hellyhansen.com for $165.

31. Whale Pillowcase Set

Whale Pillowcase Set

Whale lovers unite! If your significant other is a whale fanatic, but you’re tired of the whale stuffed animals taking over your bed, meet them halfway with this sleek whale pillowcase set. Hand screen-printed on two Egyptian cotton pillowcases, this whale will provide a super soft and comfy place to rest your head and leave your significant other overjoyed with your whale enthusiasm. Find it at uncommongoods.com for $40.

32. “I’m on a Boat” Baby Onesie

“I’m on a Boat” Baby Onesie

If you’re old enough to wear a onesie, you’re old enough to let the world know you love the water. The “I’m on a Boat” onesie from Redbubble is made from ethically sourced cotton and features lapped shoulder seams for easy dressing. The onesies are fitted for newborns, 6-, 12-, and 18-month old babies. Pick one up at redbubble.com for $22.

33. Coral Reef Coastal Throw

Never leave the comfort of the sea with this elegant seafoam green on white, muted plush throw. Throw it on a chair, couch, or your bed for added warmth with a nautical accent. Whether your sail or power-oriented or simply love nautical-themed décor, this throw is perfect for adding that extra splash of color and detail to any space. It’s twice the thickness of most plush throws, making it warmer and softer than fleece. It’s machine washable, too. Visit nauticalluxuries.com to purchase one for $173.

34. Snuggie Shark Tail Blanket

“Snuggie Shark Tail Blanket

If your child is a Shark Week lover or loves the beasts of the deep in general, you’re going to want to sink your teeth into this! The Snuggie Shark Blanket is cozy and warm with its enclosed tail – perfect for any movie night or sleepover. Think sleeping bag, but cuter. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning, measures 54” long and 27.95” wide, and is made of 100 percent polyester. Your little one will never have to leave the comfort of the sea! Purchase one for your child at target.com for $19.99.

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35. Sonos 5.1 Surround Set with Playbar and One

Sonos 5.1 Surround Set with Playbar and One

Tiny, compact, wireless, and ideal for small places, these powerful speakers will add that extra oomph to your onboard TV. Nine amplified speakers, including a sub that adds soul-shaking bass, with two force-cancelling speakers for zero cabinet rattle or buzz and a deeper sound, are included with this powerful pack. With this kind of surround sound, you’re sure to jump at Jim Carrey’s scary Grinch character. Above deck but need a change of music? Just let Alexa know! She’s built right into Sonos One. The Surround Set with Playbar and One by Sonos is the ultimate gift for music lovers and TV watchers everywhere. Pick one up online at sonos.com for $1,678.

36. Goal Zero® Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Goal Zero® Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more with the push of a button or use the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station as backup power for lights and other small appliances. Power up to seven devices at once thanks to its rather large battery capacity. The lead-acid battery weighs 29 pounds and recharges with AC, 12V, or solar panels (sold separately). It features a continuous 300W and 600W surge pure sine wave inverter, 2.1A USB ports, and 120W/12V ports and is gas-free with zero noise, fumes, and maintenance. It’s also chainable with other 33Ah lead acid batteries to obtain longer run times. Purchase one for $449.95 on goalzero.com.

37. Mavic 2 Pro

Mavic 2 Pro

Ever wonder what Santa’s sleigh and eight reindeer look like mid-flight? Deploy the Mavic 2 Pro and find out! This high-tech drone comes equipped with the brand-new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, which possesses Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology that helps those behind the remote to capture stunning 20-megapixel aerial shots in unprecedented color detail. Combined with its 1” CMOS sensor for better performance in low-light environments, the Mavic 2 Pro makes capturing Rudolph’s red nose child’s play. This new-age flying beast of a camera also records video, and features an adjustable aperture. Find out more or purchase one for $1,499 on at store.dji.com.

38. SeaLife DC2000

SeaLife DC2000

This is the most advanced underwater camera yet. The DC2000 features a 20 megapixel 1” SONY® image sensor, 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second video, and can reach depths up to 200’ below the surface. This sweet camera boasts similar image results as digital single reflex cameras with its RAW imaging capabilities and full manual controls. Its inner camera is waterproof, but that doesn’t mean it should stay wet and wild. Talk about an all-around camera. Visit sealife-cameras.com to find a local dealer near you from $699.

Kids’ Corner

39. White Sailing Ship Kite

“All hands on deck!! Hoist the anchor!! Raise the mainsail! Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning,” your children will exclaim as Uncommon Good’s White Sailing Ship Kite levitates high into the sky among the clouds and off to Neverland – yes, it really flies! The best part? Its beautiful handmade design by Balinese artisans is made from nylon and locally-sourced bamboo, so it makes for great décor when not in use. Win, win! Head to uncommongoods.com to purchase yours for $40.

40. Fishin’-Opoly


It really is Monopoly for fisherpeople. Buy, sell, and trade your fish (and fish gear), choose tokens, advance to cast, and try not to get caught! So, you’re already a good fisher, eh? Why not put your skills to the true test with Fishin’-Opoly. Your kids are sure to get a kick out of this one! Two to six players, eight years or older. Pick Fishin’-Opoly up for your family at amazon.com from $22.99.

41. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie-Talkie

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie-Talkie

A pair of walkie-talkies that are simple enough for kids to use and functional enough to be appreciated by adults. The RT628 Walkie-Talkies from Retevis weigh in at just 3 ounces apiece and their uncluttered design makes them great for kids. Frequency selection allows more than two walkie-talkies to communicate at once. Pick them up at retevis.com for $20.

Nautical Books

42. Boat Girl


The perfect gift for a young boater, Boat Girl is a novel about a young girl who climbs aboard a vessel for the first time. Throughout the story, she obtains a magical jacket that helps her feel safe and secure as she discovers life on the water. The book also includes extras like safety rules, basic boating terms, and even provides a personal log so either you or your child can record boating excursions! Author Diane Seltzer has two daughters of her own–the inspiration behind Boat Girl–and they explore the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland together. Find Boat Girl, on amazon.com for $9.95.

43. 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear

100 Places to Go Before They Disappear features locations on all seven continents in the greatest danger of disappearing within our lifetime. With an essay by Desmond Tutu, this stunning book should inspire us to save places that might soon be only a memory. Find dealers at abramsbooks.com, $26.25 at Barnes & Noble (barnesandnoble.com).

44. Fast Track to Cruising

Some think that it will take dozens of hours of day sailing to gain the experience needed to start cruising. The authors of Fast Track to Cruising, Steve and Doris Colgate, instructors at the Offshore Sailing School, believe you can make the leap from first sail to independent cruising in just seven days of dedicated practice. Using the instructions in the book, motivated learners can learn to cruise in just a week, or readers can go at a more leisurely pace that suits their schedule. Pick a copy of Fast Track to Cruising on amazon.com for $24.

45. Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen

Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen,the James Beard Award-winning chef’s first book, features signature dishes including lobster pot stickers, BBQ baby back ribs, Tuscan bread salad, and more. Whether it’s a dish from the heart of Seattle or a dose Washington’s wine country, this book offers all the information you need to eat local, all in one place. Head to store.tomdouglas.com to purchase one for $32.50.

Boat Care & Maintenance

46. Sea Hawk Antifouling Paint

Sea Hawk Antifouling Paint

The Biocop TF (tin free) Ablative Antifouling Paint from Sea Hawk is a dual biocide bottom paint that works as well as traditional tin bottom paints. The paint from Sea Hawk uses both an improved cuprous oxide and zinc pyrithime to prevent the buildup of weeds and barnacles. The copolymer chemistry allows for a reduced release of copper, meaning less ends up in the environment. Biocop paint works in both salt and fresh water and can be applied over a properly prepared previous coat of tin bottom paint. The paint is abrasion resistant to protect the coat when scrubbing, trailering, and in dry storage. If your boat could use a fresh coat of paint, pick up a can at fisheriessupply.com for $360.

47. Star Brite Teak Care Kit

Star Brite Teak Care Kit

How’s the teak on your boat doing? If you’re worried about air pollutants darkening the wood, a clear coat can help. The Teak Care Kit from Star Brite is a multistep kit that will have your teak looking like new. The cleaner removes stains and weathering on the wood, including black mildew stains. Finish the job with the teak oil to seal the wood from damaging weather and UV rays. The care kit contains everything you’ll need to protect your teak. The three-step process is easy to follow and restores your teak to its original quality. If you’ve noticed your teak isn’t what it used to be, grab a Star Brite teak care kit from fisheriessupply.com for $41.

48. Multi-Purpose Metal Polish

Multi-Purpose Metal Polish

Boats are built tough, hardy, and resilient, but they’re not indestructible. They’re often exposed to the elements and can undergo a lot of wear and tear as the years go on. One of the simplest tricks you can do to refresh your vessel is to give it a little shine with the Multi-Purpose Metal Polish by Flitz. This hardy concoction cleans, polishes, and protects stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, chrome, fiberglass, acrylic, Plexiglas, and most other metal surfaces. Pick up a bottle at fisheriessupply.com from $12.18.

Presents for Pets

49. Wigglywoos Cotton Rope Dog Leash

Wigglywoos Cotton Rope Dog Leash

If you’re going to put your pet on a leash for all those land adventures, might as well make it an awesome nautical-themed one! This Organic Cotton Rope Leash by Wigglywoo is made from 3/8”-three-strand cotton rope with no dyes or chemicals. Each leash is hand-spliced, whipped, and finished with a decorative hemp whipping twine and is soft to the touch. Leashes vary slightly in length due to its handmade nature. Pick up a nautical leash for your pup this holiday season from $24 at wigglywoos.com.

50. Nautical Dog Collars

Nautical Dog Collars

It’s a dog-eat-dock world out there! Well, the good news is this product is better than our puns will ever be. Gift your dog this nautical navy and white striped dog collar so dogs and their owners everywhere will know this pup belongs on the water. The one-inch wide collars are made of heavy webbing with plastic black or nickel buckles. Choose the set to add a matching leash with a metal buckle! The collar itself is available on Cinchbelts’ Etsy store online at etsy.com from $17.

51. Alaskan Cod Dog Chips

Alaskan Cod Dog Chips

Pure cod from the Alaskan waters is a wooferful treat. Your dog will definitely thank you for these! Polkadog’s Wild Cod Chips are handmade, slowly dehydrated, and are perfect for pups with protein sensitivities or those who have a keen taste for ocean treats. They’re grain free, gluten free, hypo-allergenic, with no additives, no preservatives, and rich in omega fatty acids. It truly is made of 100 percent cod. Pick up a 3.5-ounce pack or two from puplife.com for just $12.99.

52. Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

Paddleboarding with your furry friend is such a blast, but your pup probably isn’t too big of a fan when a wave comes from a nearby boat and sends them into our cold local waters. That stand up paddleboard (SUP) is slippery! This SUP pad adds grip and a little extra cushion, and it also protects your board against dings and scratches. The 3mm-thick EVA foam pad is semi-permanent with its peel-and-stick 3M adhesive backing. It arrives 38” x 20” but cuts easily to fit any board shape or size. Pick up one for you and your furry friend at rei.com for $29.95.

53. Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Having your pet aboard is great fun, but there’s no denying they can be messy. Luckily, matted hair and other select pet messes can be removed thanks to the Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. This thing picks up everything from hair to dirt to debris in hard-to-reach places. The Dyson V6 comes with three tools and a 30-day money back guarantee. Purchase one on dyson.com for $199.

Fishing & Gear

54. Scotty 2116 Electric Downrigger

Scotty 2116 Electric Downrigger

Fishing season is always just around the corner, and for some, it never ends. Why not get a jump start on the summer months and pick up an electric downrigger? The Scotty 2116 Electric Downrigger is equipped with 300’ of heavy duty, 180-pound-test, stainless-steel downrigger cable and dual adjustable stainless-steel rod holders. The 2116 is controlled from a sealed, illuminated digital line counter, and the downrigger itself has a pulling power of 15 pounds at 295’ a minute or 20 pounds at 260’ a minute. The included mounting bracket allows the device to be tilted and locked in the upright position, while the swivel pedal mount has 16 different positions. Stopper beads allow you to auto-stop the downrigger in any pre-set positions. Pick one up at scotty.com for about $700.

55. Titan Filleting Knives

Titan Filleting Knives

Dogs, and boat dogs especially, tend to be great swimmers, but that’s no reason not to have a well-fitting life jacket handy. The UnderDog from MTI Adventurewear is an innovative device that brings 90% of the effective buoyancy under the chest and neck, supposedly allowing for a more natural swimming angle. Check it out at mtiadventurewear.com, priced at $52.95.

56. Rapala Fillet Gloves

Rapala Fillet Gloves

A nicely filleted fish requires a very sharp knife, and a very sharp knife requires extra caution. A good pair of filleting gloves can give you peace of mind and protect your digits from harm. The fillet gloves from Rapala are made of Tuff-Knit, a blend of synthetic fibers, Kevlar, and stainless steel. The stainless steel is woven together with the Kevlar, making the gloves flexible and breathable, while the grippy surface makes it easier to hold on to your catch as you pull it out of the water.

Rapala gloves are machine washable for quick cleaning after use, and available in three sizes. The gloves are designed to flip and fit on either left or right hands. If you’ve had a few unpleasant encounters with a sharp edge in your life, pick up a pair of fillet gloves from Rapala and cut with confidence. Available on rapala.com for $17.

57. Fisherman’s Log Book

Fisherman’s Log Book

Keeping track of your catches and noting the conditions and time are crucial for planning next year’s excursions. You could use an app, but if you prefer the feel of paper and pen, you’ll need a log book. The Fisherman’s Log Book from Evergreen Books provides anglers with an organized place to log their fishing data. The log book has space to capture 50 fishing trips, and provides prompts for you to mark helpful information such as location, date, time, weather, tackle, notes about the catch itself, and more. The log book is presented with a simple hardcover and ribbon bookmark; tables have attractive fishing-themed images, and quotes from authors divide the sections. There is space for pictures and general notes, plus lists for best catches, fishing charters taken, etc. Pick up a Fisherman’s Log Book on etsy.com for $39.

58. Orvis Safe Passage Carry-It-All Travel Case

Orvis Safe Passage Carry-It-All Travel Case

The Orvis Safe Passage case is designed for the traveling angler. Carry your fishing rods, reels, and other gear in a case designed for carry-on but also sturdy enough to be checked if you choose. Rods are stored in separated, padded compartments in the top half of the case, while the bottom half features adjustable dividers designed to hold your reels, lines, tackle, and fly boxes. Three mesh pockets are perfect for smaller items like fly lines, while outside zippered pockets are great for travel documents. Hard plastic sides protect your gear even if you must check it on a flight. The adjustable shoulder straps provide added comfort when you are running from one terminal to the next at the airport. The cases come in two sizes, a 31” length version and a 36” version; the medium case is meant for a 9’ four-piece rod and the larger one is for a 11’ four-piece rod. Get yours at orvis.com for $179.

59. Endura C2 Transom Mount Motor

Endura C2 Transom Mount Motor

Get on the water and stay out longer in your kayak with an electric motor designed just for kayaks. When you get tired, let the Minn Kota Endura C2 Transom Mount Motor take over or use it from the start for a relaxing day out on the water. The electric Endura C2 offers 30 pounds of thrust with five forward and three reverse variable speed levels. A 30’’ composite shaft, 6’’ ergonomically designed telescoping handle, and tilt twist tiller means the Endura C2 is easy to use. The 12-V battery is long lasting to keep you out on the water for several hours and runs quietly so anglers won’t scare away any potential catches. If you’re a kayak fisherman who wants to troll silently or a kayak enthusiast who wants to add a little more range to your day, check out the Endura C2 from Minn Kota. Available on minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com for $109.99.

60. Isotak 2 Smock

Isotak 2 Smock

If you’re fishing in rainy winter, chances are you’ll need some dry gear. You could haul out the old system you’ve had for years, or you could treat yourself to some brand-new equipment. The Istotak 2 Smock from Zhik is constructed with proprietary composite membranes and a lightweight, high tenacity nylon, creating a waterproof shield to keep you dry. The Isotak 2’s weight is significantly reduced compared to earlier models, making it practical for everything from offshore events to casual day cruising. The Isotak 2 also features the Qulock seam system, which uses a seam tape to cover the fabric lining, maximizing waterproofing at the seams. All dry gear from Zhik is pressure tested to guarantee it will stand up to real world conditions. If you’re tired of your dry gear not being up to the task, check out the Isotak 2 Smock on fisheriessupply.com for $660.

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