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South Sound Women’s Boating Seminar May 16

by Kurt Hoehne

The women of the South Sound Sailing Society are putting together a great event on May 16. Any women interested in getting some great instruction by other women at a very reasonable cost should check it out. Registration link in the press release, here:

There are still tickets available to the South Sound Women’s Boating Seminar on Saturday, May 16th at the Olympia Yacht Club. What could be nicer that spending a day with other women who enjoy boating and are interested in learning more about safety on the water. Mark your calendars for an action-packed day designed “for women, by women”.

The SSSS women's boating seminar will benefit the Schooner Adventuress "Girls at the helm" program, which ultimately results in women at the helm, as seen here!

The SSSS women’s boating seminar will benefit the Schooner Adventuress “Girls at the helm” program, which ultimately results in women at the helm, as seen here!

Whether you want to know more about how to use the LifeSling apparatus on your boat, the proper use of a VHF radio, basic boat systems or crew safety – you will hear from seasoned women instructors, all who have years of experience and are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

We’re also proud to support the next generation of women boaters through a raffle where the proceeds fund scholarships for the “Girls at the Helm” program aboard the historic schooner Adventuress.

Registration is $35 and includes lunch, as well as, chances to win interesting door prizes. The event closes with a “mix & mingle” at 5:00 pm. To register and learn more, visit www.ssssclub.com/wbs.htm.


And more detail:


Join us for a full day of interesting, informative presentations for women by women, regardless of whether you enjoy powerboating, sailing or both! This seminar provides an opportunity for women boaters to develop new skills and build confidence, plus it’s a chance to network with fellow women boaters!


Learn more and register for this event at www.ssssclub.com click on “Women’s Boating Seminar.” Tickets are $35 and parking is available nearby.


Speakers and Topics


Dee Saller will describe the LifeSling apparatus and its use. The LifeSling system is designed to use leverage to allow people to be retrieved from the water, but requires training and practice to use most effectively. Dee and her husband, Andy, have taught LifeSling clinics in South Sound for over 20 years, and recently participated in the development of new LIfeSling teaching materials. The South Sound LifeSling clinic will be held in early June and we encourage you to attend.

Alison Mazon will help us understand the basic systems on our boats that keep us safe underway, and give us tips for regular inspection of those systems. Alison is an accredited marine surveyor, and has owned her own company specializing in boat systems installation and repair. She is active in the Oregon Women’s Sailing Association.


Lynne Reister will teach the proper use of VHF radio, including emergency requests and calls for help. Many of us increasingly rely on cell phones; however, cell phones will often fail when you most need them! Lynne is an accredited marine surveyor, and has taught surveying as well. She teaches extensively, both on land and afloat. Lynne has taught sailing on everything from 8-foot Sabot dinghies to 138-foot tall ships.


Mary Campbell discusses crew safety, not only how to ensure your own safety as a crew member, but the safety of the boat overall. Mary sails extensively on her own boat, Sonrisa, as well as crewing with other skippers to such exotic locations as Australia. Mary enjoys the mechanical and technical skills that come with boat ownership, and has refurbished both of the boats that she has owned, from engine to woodwork to upholstery. Her DIY articles have been published in Pacific Yachting, Good Old Boat and 48 North.

Mary Ross poses the what if? scenarios that help us become mentally prepared for those unforeseen events that make life so interesting. Mary helps us develop a framework that pulls together what we’ve learned so we can make use of our skills and knowledge in chancy circumstances. Mary is a USCG licensed captain and a certified American Sailing Association Instructor. She is passionate about helping women develop the skills to become safe, competent, confident skippers and crew members.

We encourage you to visit www.ssssclub.comand register today since the event is limited to 65 participants and sales end on May 13th. Full refunds are available for cancellations made by May 9th.


Questions? Contact the Women’s Boating Seminar committee at wbs@ssssclub.com.

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