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Splashtastic Seafair!

by Eva Seelye

Blue Angels flying over Seafair

Seattle’s Season of Aquatic Action Arrives

Seafair, with affiliated events all summer long, has it all: water sports, planes, live music, and basically every summer-related activity you could think combined in one extravaganza. A Pacific Northwest tradition since 1950, Seafair is so well-loved that it’s become an unofficial Seattle holiday that’s practically synonymous with summer. Over two million locals and travelers alike can’t help but take part in at least one of the 75 sanctioned events over its 10-week span. Hydroplanes race over Lake Washington, the Blue Angels take over the skies with their mind-boggling show routines, and more exciting events are around every marker.

The Seafair Weekend Festival is among the most popular of all Seafair events and begins Friday, August 3, at 0800 hours in Genesee Park. This weekend highlights the Boeing Air Show featuring Blue Angels, the Albert Lee Appliance Cup featuring H1 Hydroplane racing, the Graham Trucking Seafair Cup, Hyperlite World Class Wakeboarding, Monster Energy’s BMX Stunt Bikes, and more. Eat your fill at the many local food trucks, dance your heart out to live music, and relax by the water’s edge as the wakeboarders compete and the Blue Angels rip through the sky overhead.

Single-day and three-day tickets are available for purchase online at seafair.com and range from $25-$150 depending on your preferences. They even offer a Seafair Weekend + Uber Package deal for those commuting to Genesee Park. If you’re planning to tie up to the legendary log boom, make sure to check out seafair.com for entry points and access closure times. Wouldn’t want to be stuck on the outside during the races!

Torchlite Parade

Street celebrations are a part of Seafair too, including the annual Torchlite parade.

Parking tips: If you’re coming from the north, snag a spot at the University of Washington E12 and E13 lots at Husky Stadium for $15 on Friday, $10 on Saturday until 1200 hours, or for free on Sunday. Then hop on the Link Light Rail to the Columbia City station. Coming from the south? Park at the Sea-Tac Airport Garage or another convenient light rail station to hop your train. There’s a free shuttle that will pick you up at the Columbia City station and bring you to Genesee Park from 1000 to 1730 hours Friday through Sunday. If you’d rather bus it, hop on Route 50, which runs every 15 minutes from 1000 to 1800 hours Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re watered-out (is that even possible?), trek over to Magnolia for their annual Summerfest – an extension of Seafair – for even more entertainment, delicious food, and a sweet Seafair parade. Get a taste of the “Soul of Seafair” at Umoja Fest in Judkins Park in Seattle. Attractions include the AfricaTown Heritage Parade, live music, the Heal the Hood Basketball Tournament, and more accompanied by delectable flavors of the African diaspora. The Museum of Flight hosts an airborne outdoor festival, Jet Blast Bash, this weekend near the fighter jets’ flight line. Feel the power of the Blue Angels as they take off and land for their show, among other classic cars, eats, kid’s trampolines, etc. The last event of the Seafair weekend is the Lake City Summer Fest & Parade, but Seafair doesn’t end there! Make sure to check out their event calendar at seafair.com/events. There’s something for everyone! So, pack up your beach bag, sunglasses, sunscreen, and throw on that swimsuit because there’s no time to spare!

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