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Unexpected Reasons to be Thankful for Fishing

by Kurt Hoehne

From our Friends at takemefishing.org – KH

There are many obvious reasons to be thankful for fishing. Fishing gets you outdoors into the fresh air, encourages you to learn new angling skills, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you land a lunker. Although, if you think about it for a bit longer, you can probably come up with several unique reasons to be thankful for fishing too. What random or unexpected reasons do you have to add to this list of examples?

Fishing can help prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks. How? Because landing the fish should take priority. After all, if you’re busy reeling in fish, you can’t keep sticking your hand in a potato chip bag to snack. On slow days, you better be sure to pack a bag of grapes or carrots though.

Casting gives you good upper arm definition. If you have ever “walked the dog” for 8 hours in one day, you’ll understand exactly how this happens. Say good-bye to “bingo arm” and hello to firm triceps.

Fishing improves your organizational skills. Whether it’s coordinating a fishing trip with friends and family or arranging your tackle box so that you know exactly where the watermelon worms are when you need them, frequent anglers learn to get better organized. No one wants to lose a fish because they couldn’t find the right lure fast enough or miss out on a fishing trip because they couldn’t remember if they were supposed to meet at the dock at 7 AM or 7:30 AM.

Fishing gives you a good excuse to be a “fashion don’t.” Anglers don’t really worry or stress about what they wear on the water. If you’re any good at fishing, you’re just going to get fish slime and bait juice all over it anyway, so who cares? It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a camouflage shirt with a pair of striped shorts. Plus, it makes for much more entertaining fishing photos!

If you eat what you catch, you get more creative with recipes and preparation methods. This point is especially true if you fish for a select number of target species. If you are accustomed to catching mainly walleye in your area, chances are pretty good that you come up with lots of creative ways to prepare it.

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