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US Sailing Judge Seminar

by Kurt Hoehne

Saturday – Sunday November 2-3, 2013, Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle

This is a US Sailing two-day Judge Seminar (Advanced) required for certification as a US Sailing Judge or US Sailing National Judge. Some protest committee experience is helpful, but not required. No prerequisite class is needed.  It will cover topics involved in successful judging: rules and requirements for handling protests and requests for redress, techniques involved in running good hearings, writing up protest committee decisions, handling open hearings and arbitration.

Registration will begin at 800 and the seminar will begin at 830 and last until approximately 1700. Topics in the judge program will include: deriving a set of facts from testimony, managing a hearing with proper procedures, applying applicable rules, and arriving at conclusions and a decision. The seminar will concentrate on four areas of development: Mock Hearings, Part 2 rules, Part 5 and Appendix M rules and rule 69. A test and debrief will be conducted during the second day.

The instructors for this seminar are Pat Healy and Charlie Macaulay. Pat has been an International Judge for over twenty years and a US judge for over thirty. He has served on two Olympic juries and the Paralympic jury last summer. He was also the Head Coach for the Canadian Olympic Sailing Team for three Olympics and was the Intercollegiate Sailing Team coach at the US Naval Academy for nine years. Charlie Macaulay is a Judge and has served as a member of the US Sailing Judges Committee and is a member of the Area L Appeals Committee and past instructor for the Judge seminar.

When: 2-3 November 2013 Seattle at Where: Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, Shilshole Bay marina

Time: Registration 800, Seminar 830 – 1700
Cost: Cost of the seminar and exam is $95.00. This includes continental breakfast, lunch, beverages, handout materials and test processing.

What to Bring:  You should bring the current editions of The Racing Rules of Sailing (and US prescriptions), US Sailing Judges Manual, and the US Sailing Appeals and ISAF Case Book. Hard copies only may be used during the test. These manuals may be purchased online from the US Sailing Store:
The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016
The Appeals Book for 2013-2016 is not yet published in a bound paper version. It may be viewed online or a PDF may be purchased and downloaded.                            The Appeals Book for 2013-2106 Including ISAF Cases

Study Materials: Study Questions are available on the US Sailing website. You can download them here: 2013 – 2016 Judge’s Seminar Study Questions.  We strongly recommend that you study and answer each question, and write down the relevant rule cites prior to attending the seminar.

Advanced judge Seminar: http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Course_Calendars/Seminar_Prerequisites.htm

Advanced registration is required. The deadline for registration is October 24, 2013.
Registration link is here: http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Judges/Seminar_Calendar.htm

For additional information about host and location, please contact Wayne Balsiger, webalsiger@comcast.net .
For Questions regarding registration please email:  raceadmin@ussailing.org.



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