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2018 Washington Haulout Guide

by NWY Staff

With memories of the Seattle Boat Show freshly in mind, and the end of winter in sight, odds are you’re looking to ride the wake of our Pacific Northwest waters faster than you can say “brrr.” With your winter weekends likely spent cozied up by a fire or out enjoying the fresh powder in the mountains, your vessels could probably use some tender love and care as we head into another one of our brag-worthy summers. To help ensure your boat is in shipshape and thawed out for spring, we offer our annual Washington haul out facility guide for smooth summer sailing ahead.

Who wants to waste the Pacific Northwest’s most coveted warm months stuck at the docks? Spend the time now — while the weather’s still nippy and the boatyards still have space — to haul out for a bottom job and below-water inspection. You never know what lies below the surface, and it’s better to find vital issues now than mid-cruise. Included in each boatyard profile is a series of icons to represent common services offered at each location. These include power, water, pressure washing, compressed air, a service yard, and whether the boatyard allows do-it-yourself repairs. Also included are helpful contact information for each business, and any additional service-related information.

As noted in last month’s Washington Marina & Fuel Dock Guide, we recommend calling ahead or visiting the website of any boatyard you plan to visit, as changes are common. As always, any suggestions or comments can be shared with us via email (editorial@nwyachting.com) or snail mail to our office. We’re always eager for scuttlebutt to keep our guides current.

See you out on the water!

Haulout Guide 2018

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