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CORD to the Rescue

by NWY Staff

Switlik’s Crew Overboard Rescue Device (CORD) // $375.00

Everyone wants reliable equipment they can trust, and at no time is this more important than during an emergency. Switlik’s Crew Overboard Rescue Device (CORD) is a repeat-use emergency flotation device designed to assist during an overboard situation, and is intended for both first responders and leisure boaters. The CORD is capable of multiple uses and can be self-serviced, with a one-year service interval. The CORD utilizes Switlik’s Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) and 150’of high-strength ¼” nylon rope, which is highly visible and has a break strength of 1,300 lbs.


The UFD is inflated by pulling the red handle on top, and once filled, it has 35 pounds of inflated buoyancy and keeps the head and shoulders above water better than older models. The rope remains attached to the CORD’s valise, which is mounted on either rigid metal or rails using a high-strength elastic lace. The case is easy to clean and resistant to weather, rot, mildew, and UV damage. If you’re in the market for a reliable flotation device, look for the Switlik’s Crew Overboard Rescue Device at switlik.com.

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