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2019 Washington Haulout Guide

by NWY Staff

The weather is generally foulest this time of year, yet the yards are bustling. Why not use the downtime to take your boat in for a haulout? Winter is perfect for cleaning and painting below the waterline. Don’t waste the upcoming prime cruising months waiting for work that could’ve been done months ago. There’s nothing wrong with putting your feet up with a warm drink and watching the winter storms from land’s steady embrace, especially if you’ve got that convenient excuse that the boat is in the yard. Win-win! To aid you in this tried and true seasonal scheme, we introduce the 2019 iteration of our annual Washington Haul Out Guide.

We’ve included in each boatyard profile a series of icons to represent common services offered at each location. Also included is helpful contact information for each business and any additional service-related information. We recommend that you call ahead or visit the website of any boatyard you plan to visit, as availability and haulout capabilities are always changing. We’re always interested in improving the accuracy of our guides, so corrections are welcome. Any suggestions or comments can be shared with us via email at editorial@nwyachting.com or mailed to our office.

Haulout Guide 2019

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