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by NWY Staff

Wiggins Marina eBull Electric Forklift

Wiggins Marina eBull
Electric Forklift

This may be a little different from our usual offering but no one can say we don’t have the marina owners’ backs. The Wiggins Marina eBull is the first of its kind: a zero-emission, large-capacity, battery-powered fork lift. The eBull satisfies even the strictest clean air regulations, and the forklift can be used in confined spaces without fumes or loud noises. The lithium-ion batteries are state-of-the-art and rigorously tested for safety. They can be quick charged for near continuous use.

The eBull touts nearly every safety feature possible: backup camera, backup alarm, daylight strobe, and a white noise generator to alert any pedestrians around you. The ultra-low center of gravity and high tip factor set the standard for operator safety. The maintenance of the eBull is minimal. A long-lasting, all-weather hydraulic fluid and non-toxic coolant keep the forklift running smoothly.

The operator console is lower than in other models, and the low counter-weight in the rear dramatically improve visibility for the operator, further increasing safety for the driver and pedestrians. The eBull features the IQAN System information center, keeping the operator informed of the forklift’s systems and conditions with adjustable monitors. Because it’s built for the marine environment, Wiggins forklifts use stainless steel coating on the steering column and other critical components. Zinc-based coatings cover the mast and chassis to reduce rust and corrosion.

Any marina owner, or the owner of a business involving forklifts, interested in reducing their carbon footprint and total cost of ownership can find out more about the eBull at xlliftsinc.com. Visit for more information and pricing.

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