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62-footers in next America’s Cup

by Kurt Hoehne

To nobody’s surprise, the new America’s Cup Class will be in 62-foot foiling multihulls instead of the 72-foot behemoths used last year. This came as part of the Protocol for the 35th America’s Cup released today by Team Oracle and Challenger of Record Team Australia. The document, for your perusal here, has plenty of other details about how much racing there’s supposed to be in both the existing AC45 and the new AC62 classes, but neither the date or location of the next event. Expect those by the end of the year. In the meantime, it will be highly interesting to see which of the world’s cities are interested enough in hosting the event to actually make it happen. Not to start any rumors, but doesn’t Larry Ellison own one of the Hawaiian Islands?

Here’s the promo video released today in case you need a reminder what foiling cats plus hard core marketing can accomplish.

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