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Alexander Marine Partners With Carver

by Norris Comer

Alexander Marine USA—a West Coast yacht brokerage and dealership—­announced the addition of Carver Yachts as a new yacht brand offered by the company on November 13, 2017.
Carver 52

Carver’s C52 Coupe.

 “As the premier West Coast yacht dealership, Alexander Marine brings the resources and knowledge to the marketplace that Carver owners are looking for when purchasing their boat or when current owners need to get service work completed,” Rob Parmentier, president and CEO of Carver Yachts, said in a press release. “With three picturesque backdrops and locations to start from, Alexander Marine is the perfect setting to welcome Carver Yachts.”

Carver Yachts are manufactured in Pulaski, Wisconsin and specialize in creating spacious, highly functional, and dependable cruising vessels from 34’ to 52’ (more information can be found at carveryachts.com).

“Carver Yachts is a well-respected brand on a steady growth curve along with a storied history and a loyal following. Carver offers models manufactured for boating on our coast and with unique features that our buyers are wanting in a coupe or bridge-style boat,” said Alexander Marine Vice President Ray Prokorym. Check out the complete lineup and history of Alexander Marine USA at alexandermarineusa.com.

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