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Axopar 28 T-Top

by Norris Comer

Axopar 28 T TopThe Seattle office of JK3 Yachts has just announced their new Axopar line, and we had to check out the new Axopar 28 T-Top. In an age when many leisure boats are starting to look more and more alike, the T-Top stands out as a truly unique design that combines the generous entertainment accommodations of a party launch with the sleek body and performance of a ski boat.

The T-Top features a covered Euro-racecar-style helm paired with two rotating cushioned seats with a dining table and three additional bench seats immediately aft for those family dinners on the water. An optional compact aft cabin with sleeping accommodations for two takes up most of the cockpit deck space, but doubles up as a cushioned sunbathing platform and additional stowage space. As one moves forward, a dining table with wrap around seating is made to entertain at the foredeck. Separate head/stowage space is cleverly hidden in the forward body of the helm station for foredeck access. The deployable shade and rain cover extends from the T-Top helm cover to the bow.

Axopar 28 SpecificationsAs far as performance is concerned, the manufacturer recommends an outboard engine with 100 to 350 horsepower, resulting in a maximum speed range of 36 to 47 knots. Can a party launch do that? Probably not. There are also several options and versions that play with the aft cabin, the helm (Want a proper pilothouse? You got it.), and more layout features to make the boat your own.

The Axopar 28 T-Top looks like a versatile coastal cruiser/runabout made for those summer days in Puget Sound. Contact JK3 Yachts for more information and pricing at their website, jk3yachts.com.

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