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Bruce’s Boat Show Gallery

by Bruce Hedrick


Jim Brown of Yachtcare on the left displays his new Monkey Fist logo. He's in the East Hall on the 600 aisle right across from Northwest Yachting.
Paul Zimmer of S3 Maritime polishes up one of the new Seekeeper stabilizing systems. Nothing through the hull just a big gyro that keeps the boat from yawing and pitching.
Look closely at the flatscreen. Brian Coleman (left) of High Seas technology on the left explains the features of the new FLIR system to your intrepid camera guy.
The new J-70 which had 39 boats on the line at Key West Race Week this week, makes its' Pacific Northwest debut at the Show courtesy of Bob Ross and Sail Northwest.
Katie Groseclose, membership coordinator for NMTA isjust making sure that her dad, Tim Groseclose, head of North Pacific Marketing is complying with show rules.
Nick Graf assures me the new Aspen C110 will be finished by the time the Show opens. KIDDING! This is the full size mock up Aspen does before they build any vessel to make sure everything fits.
Boat Show Director Katie McPhail (left) works with the Seattle Fire Marshalls on final permit approval. NMTA Executive Director George Harris is on the right.
Signature Yachts president Robbie Robinson with the new and absolutely stunning Beneteau Gran Turismo 44 that just arrived from France for its first North American appearance right here.
One of the BIG new deals at the Boat Show this year will be "Splash", a nightly acrobatic show on the Show's main floor . Patrick Baker (on left), Chair of the Boat Show Committee and NMTA V.P. John Thorburn check out the stage.
The new Cutwater 30 from Ranger making it's world debut at the Seattle Show.
You never know who you'll run into at the Show. From the Dock Street Marina in Tacoma on the right is Craig Perry, head honcho and on the left is Jamie, the lady who makes it all happen.

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