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Bruce’s Brief June 7: Special for R2AK

by Bruce Hedrick

A lot of us were surprised at just how fast some of the boats got to Victoria on Thursday in just about perfect conditions. Today will be distinctly different as the wind will be light in the starting area and then building from the west. The real key will be the tides as max ebb at Trial Island is just after 1300 hours. For the rowers and paddlers it will be a simple matter of working the beach to stay out of the tide and travel the shortest possible distance up through the Islands and then depending upon the tide going through Dodd or False Narrows.

MM5 1100 Sunday
MM5 1400 Sunday
MM5 1700 Sunday
MM5 2000 Sunday
MM5 2300 Sunday
MM5 0200 Monday
MM5 0500 Monday
MM5 1100 Monday

For the sailors, it will be how to get to the breeze in the northern part of the Strait of Georgia the fastest way possible which won’t be easy. It will be an on-the-water call however again if you can sail up the inside if the Islands and get into Trincomali Channel and then catch the flood tide to exit out through Porlier Pass and into the Strait of Georgia, looks like a real possibility. Then it’s a matter of being careful what you wish for the as there is going to be plenty of breeze from the NW like probably 15-25 knots all the way from Nanaimo to Johnstone Strait. Plenty of tacking practice. And it looks like it’s going to hold through this coming week until a weak frontal system makes its way onshore towards the end of the week. Maybe just in time to give sailors a southerly to get through the channel at Bella Bella.

Sunday PM Surface Chart
Monday PM Surface Chart
Wednesday a.m. Surface Chart
Tri Island Currents
Porlier Pass Tides

Regardless, it’s going to be interesting to watch the tracker as they get to Campbell River and Seymour Narrows.

Good luck and stay safe.

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