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Bye Bye Boat Guy

by Kurt Hoehne

A dark Northwest cloud fell upon nwyachting.com when we heard The Boat Guy was stopping production. Chip and Sam, the duo that have made wonderful videos and inspired so many to get out and use their boats, are fine and we’re certain we’ll see more of their good works in the future. And The Boat Guy website will remain intact and Chip and Sam hint at some new creations appearing there in the future. But for now, the series of videos we’ve come to love has stopped dead in the water.

Aside from their endless humor, there’s one phrase of theirs that we should all shout from the flybridges and spreaders: It’s Not About the Boat, It’s About the Float! In other words, get out there!

We’ll keep tabs on Chip and Sam and try our best to keep delivering that message. Here’s their goodbye on The Boat Guy website.

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