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Missing Boy Found on South Pacific Island

by Kurt Hoehne

Good news for all those of you concerned for the safety of 9-year-old Billy Hanson. He’s been found on an island in the South Pacific. We’ll work on getting all the facts together, but in the meantime here’s the news report from KIRO:


SEATTLE — A 9-year-old boy who disappeared from Seattle with his father was found safe Wednesday on an island in the South Pacific.

The boy, identified as Billy Ginger Hanson, was supposed to return to his mother in Pennsylvania on Sept. 4, but he never got on the plane.

He was last seen at Shilshole Bay Marina in Ballard. Police suspected his father, Jeffrey Hanson, 46, may have taken him out of the country on his sailboat.BGH

After nearly two months on the lam, local police found Jeffrey and Billy Wednesday on the island of Niue, according to Ayn Dietrich-Williams with the FBI.

Billy’s family has been notified and authorities are now working to reunite the boy with his mother. 

Jeffrey Hanson, who has been charged with international parental kidnapping, will remain in Niue while the FBI and Seattle police work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office on the extradition process, Dietrich-Williams said.

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