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Cats and Daysailors at Salon Nautic

by Karl Schulmeisters

I’ve already blogged about the prevalence of cruisers at the Salon Nautic – what I didn’t mention were the big cruising catamarans from Fontaine Pajot and Lagoon.  Frankly to my eye they are designed for Caribbean or Mediterranean charter operations where sailors are bringing along families or friends that aren’t really sailors.   But there were also quite a few other multi-hulls besides the very large ones and the beach cats I’ve already blogged about.BeachKeel

(Ed note: Fountaine Pajot and Lagoon have some great web sites with virtual tours etc)

These fall into the category of daysailers for me – fine for a weekend at most.  To me the two sexiest of this group were the  Code 1 and the Tofinon.     Both sporting swing keels that enable moorage in thin water but with wide open decks that are wonderfully comfortable in good weather but offer little crew protection when it starts to get nasty.


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