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The Coho Hoho Rally, Episode 2

by Editor

By Captain Doug Lombard

Our second Coho Ho Ho rally from Seattle to San Francisco and then on to San Diego turned into a rousing success. Inspired during 2012 on a sailing trip down the coast, the idea being to meet up with the Baha Ha Ha, the Hoho has already grown into an amazing venture for all. The level of interest was extraordinary, from the participating sailors who all made it down the coast safely, to our enthusiastic seminar-goers, to our amazing sponsors and the countless people who helped inspire, grow and support the rally.

The motley crew of Sonamara, Namaste, and Abby Normal at Children's Bell Tower, Bodega Bay

The motley crews of Sonamara, Namaste (not part of the Hoho), and Abby Normal at Children’s Bell Tower, Bodega Bay

My presentation at the Seattle Boat Show last January helped to kick start Coho 2014. Due to the success of last year’s inaugural rally, sponsors came on board quickly and helped get our seminar series started in May 2014. Our key sponsors provided excellent speakers and the weekly Wednesday pot luck gatherings resulted in a packed house at Dockside Solutions as well as some of our sponsors’ locations.

Our added field trips, the first one in May to Port Townsend Rigging and the second one in June to Marine Servicenter in Anacortes for the diesel work shop, provided excellent hands-on learning and an opportunity for our sponsors to show case their facilities as well as all that they had to offer. Approximately 45 people participated and contributed with lots of questions and much interaction. A great time was had by all.

The wonderful cama,raderie and the amazing team spirit by all exceeded all our expectations.

Coho Hoho 2014 Participants

Impulsive, Outbound 44, Morris and Debbie Adams


Future Hoho participant Bob of Emerald Mistress attended the seminars.

Sail La Vie, Morgan/Catalina 45, Frank ‘Lars’ Larsen and Laura Crowell

Abby Normal, Island Packet SP Cruiser, Brad and Gay Gibvson

Sonamara, Tayana 37, Brien and Kaye Sankey

Impulse, Hunter 336, Chris Rockne and Cindy Corty

Mabrouka, CT 41, Roy Neyman

Galatea, Han Christian 43T, Steve Mason

Velvet Sky, Island Packet 38, Scott and Cindy Smith

Apropos, Hans Christian Traditional, Jim Shutt and Karen Wong

m/v Andante, Transworld Fantail 50, Kevin Rhone and Susan Peacey

Millie J, Brewer 35 Cutter, Amy Arroyo and Jim Atkins


The crew from Apropos.

The annual NW Cruisers Party in Anacortes provided a great time for everyone to party & get ready for the big trip. To sail down the coast as part of this rally had many benefits. The expert leadership of a highly trained & experienced mariner & now a captain as well as the support, guidance and communications of the land-based rally team assured a safer & much more enjoyable passage for all participants. Daily weather reports & regular up-dates and status-reports by all boats provided much needed communications and allowed boaters to remain connected and join up through-out their journey. All 11 sailing vessels and 1 motor boat had a great journey down the coast and their feedback and testimonials confirmed to all of us back her in Seattle that the Coho Ho Ho 2014 turned into another wonderful success.


Hoho founder Doug Lombard, left, and Jim Rard of Marine Servicenter

Twelve boats, 25+ seminar goers & 31 sponsors, the Coho 2014 rally once again far exceeded all our expectations, both in terms of enthusiasm and cooperation from so many near and far.

We are already getting ramped up for Coho 2015 and already have several boats committed for next year.

Editor’s Note: In looking over the online materials, it’s clear that the weather reports provided by Brad Baker of Swiftsure Yachts were invaluable.

Thanks, Doug, for founding the Hoho. it looks like you might have a tiger by the tail. For any of you interested cruisers, visit the Hoho website or Facebook Page

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