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Cruising for a Cause: Pink Boat Regatta Returns

by Evin Moore

Pink Boat Regatta On September 8, the Pink Boat Regatta will be out on the waters of Puget Sound, decked out in all pink, and raising money for cancer research the most nautical way possible. Hosted this year by Elliott Bay Marina, the Pink Boat Regatta is a charity regatta whose net proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a non-profit organization supporting breast cancer research laboratories.

The Pink Boat Regatta was founded by Ashley Bell, who had just recently fallen in love with sailing when she learned that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Determined to help, Bell started the regatta and six
years later has raised $464,000 for the BCRF.

The regatta is open to any sailing vessel, and those looking to support the regatta can register their boat and race or make a direct donation that goes straight to the BCRF. If you know someone racing, donate to their boat so they can reach their fundraising goals. Those who want to get out on the water, but not necessarily race can buy a ticket for the spectator boat, the Argosy Sightseer.

Passengers on the spectator boat will spend the afternoon on Elliott Bay watching the race and enjoying refreshments, games, and a silent auction. All proceeds from the spectator cruise go to cancer research.

If you still want to do more, head to the regatta website, click on the Seattle regatta, and sign up as a volunteer for the race. Registration for the regatta is open at pinkboatregatta.com so grab your pink gear and race for a good cause. There will also be a Pink Boat Regatta held in Tacoma on September 15. If you can’t participate consider donating to a boat.

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