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You Jelly?

by NWY Staff

Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium/Tank

Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish AquariumWe know what you’re thinking: you want a pet jellyfish. Don’t we all? Now, it’s possible to keep a collection of little “squishies” (as Dory from Finding Nemo likes to call them), right next to your other desktop keepsakes.

The Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Tank/Aquarium has a built-in, low-maintenance filtration system, an included pump, a hydrometer, feeding baster, and filter media for any juvenile or smaller jellyfish species. It even comes with a color-changing LED light and remote control with 15 light settings.

The system features a circular flow to keep your jellies away from the filtration system and water outlets. The water flows into the outlets that are hidden beneath the outer ring of the aquarium, passes through a filter sponge to remove any uneaten food or detritus and then flows over a porous ceramic bio media to break down all remaining unwanted chemicals before re-entering the main holding tank.

External connections allow additional equipment such as a chiller or in-line heater and external filters if need be. Keep up to ten juvenile jellies or three small (8 cm by 3″) in this 6-gallon tank. Suggested retail price is $389. If you’ve got jellyfish on the brain, check out some tank options at cubicaquarium.com.

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