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Headquarters in Anacortes

Electric Boat Company
Headquarters in Anacortes

by Evin Moore

AnacortesA new maritime company recently opened its doors in Anacortes, Washington. The innovative business, LAVLE, specializes in the creation of components and batteries for electric marine vehicles. According to CEO Dr. Jason Nye, LAVLE hopes to create affordable, low-emission vessels for marine, renewable energy, and defense industries. LAVLE is a joint venture between the Tokyo-based battery technology company 3DOM and the Anacortes-based Ockerman Automation, which specializes in marine engineering.

The Anacortes headquarters was chosen over a Seattle location for several reasons, including the city’s rich maritime history and proximity to shipyards. LAVLE is headquartered at the Ockerman offices, with other locations in Japan and Virginia. Nye is hopeful that if the company’s plans are successful, it could bring hundreds of jobs into Anacortes and Skagit County.

Nye is hoping that the advanced technology from 3DOM can be a game changer in marine electric motors. LAVLE has a global patent on a separator developed by 3DOM to prevent batteries from over-heating and is currently working to have their batteries approved for use in the marine industry. Nye hopes to create a battery plant in Skagit County, which would create several hundred jobs for the region.

LAVLE hopes that their technology will have positive environmental impacts. The Governor’s Maritime Sector Lead Joshua Berger stated in a press release, “Washington State is quickly becoming a center of excellence for maritime electrification. This new joint venture shows that our efforts to accelerate innovation and the blue economy are attracting investment and expertise to our maritime communities.” Japan Consul General to Washington State Yoichiro Yamada said, “LAVLE represents a new frontier of Japan-Washington state economic cooperation as an innovative joint venture that will be a leader in the electrification of maritime transportation.” Nye notes that part of the reason LAVLE chose Anacortes as headquarters is because the San Juan Islands are a symbol of the pristine natural marine environment they wish to preserve.

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