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Expert Take – Welcome to Washington

by NWY Staff
Expert Take

By Worth Avenue Yachts


Thanks to the passing of House Bill 1107, the state is ready to welcome boaters from the world overand the experts at Worth Avenue Yachts have the 4-1-1 on how to charter a vessel in our iconic waters.

Good news! The great expanse of sapphire water along the Washington state coastlines can now be enjoyed by all who wish to experience their pristine beauty. For years, Washington state has imposed a tax on yachts owned by out-of-state residents wishing to cruise or charter with a captain and crew. This has prevented many yachters from visiting the alluring Washington waters we call home, but thanks to a large coalition of maritime organizations, businesses, and yacht enthusiasts from around Washington state, this is no longer the case. House Bill 1107, signed into law by Governor Inslee on May 3, 2021 and effective July 25, 2021, allows for out-of-state residents to both bring in their yachts to cruise our waters and for Washington boaters to charter their own vessels much more easily. Here, the expert team at Worth Avenue Yachts breaks down the different ways HB 1107 has changed chartering here in the Northwest for the better:

Bring Your Yacht
Experienced yachters from outside of Washington who wish to captain their own yacht can now explore the Puget Sound for up to 60 days without a permit. If you wish to extend your adventures, a permit can be obtained from various Washington State agencies to lengthen your stay an additional 60 consecutive days.

And what a stay it could be. During your extended stay, take time to explore the picturesque San Juan Islands: Make your way to Lopez Island where you can walk along the beach before savoring a farm to table meal prepared at one of the local restaurants. You’ll lose track of time reveling in the natural beauty of this paradise. Discover the whimsical Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island, a dream destination for yachters in Washington. Walk the docks, speak to fellow yachters on your way to the shops that feature local artists or one of the scrumptious restaurants. Cruise to the remote waters of Stuart Island, where you can explore the 33,000 feet of shoreline and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Book a Charter Cruise
Yachters desiring a carefree experience now have the ability to design a private vacation on board yachts up to 200 feet from around the world with an experienced captain and crew. With this option, your captain will take care of the details so that you can luxuriate in your dream vacation. Sit back, relax, and let the crew perfectly tailor your charter for an unforgettable experience exploring Washington.

Wake up to an enticing breakfast prepared by your private chef, cruise through the cool Washington waters, and watch the Seattle skyline fade away. Make your way to Port Townsend, a charming town with rich history and streets filled with captivating Victorian architecture. Walk through the lively downtown before returning to your yacht for cocktails as you watch the sunset on the aft deck. Continue your journey as you head to Cascade Bay where you’ll find Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, here you can enjoy breathtaking views, pristine oceanfront dining, and relaxing spa treatments. Finish your epic adventure in Bellingham, where you can listen to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore before disembarking from your private yacht.  

Charter Out Your Yacht
Yacht owners wishing to charter their private yacht have never had a more prime opportunity. Thanks to the recent changes, entity and individually owned yachts can maximize the return on their luxury investment through a successful charter program.

Chartering can be a great way for owners to offset costs such as maintenance, running costs, and crew salaries. To be eligible, yachts registered outside of Washington will need: a valid cruising license in the U.S.; a charter occurring for more than three consecutive days; approval from the Washington State Department of Revenue; and a departure date less than six months after arrival.

Whether you are Washington native or a visitor looking to book a charter or create a charter program, this new legislation allows all us all to enjoy this perch on the Pacific in wonderful new ways.

>> To learn more about HB1107 and its benefits or to learn how to legally charter your yacht in Washington and beyond, contact Worth Avenue Yachts at 206.209.1920 or Seattle@WorthAvenueYachts.com

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