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Free Books, and Good Ones

by Kurt Hoehne

Steve and Linda Dashew have become synonymous with innovative approaches to cruising. They have cruised under sail and now power, all the time looking for better ways to do things. In their 250,000+ miles of cruising, they’ve weathered many a serious storm. They are making what they have learned available as free e-books, Mariner’s Weather Handbook and Surviving the Storm books. From the Dashew’s highly informative website:

The Dashew's FPB 64 Avatar.

The Dashew’s FPB 64 Avatar.

Dashew Offshore, Beowulf Publishing, and the FPB team have been blessed with the support of the cruising community for many years, and we’d like to return the favor in a small way. We are making these two books,Mariner’s Weather Handbook and Surviving the Storm, available for free as PDF files. We hope Mariner’s Weather Handbook helps you avoid the need for Surviving the Storm. If these books help a few of our fellow cruisers have a more enjoyable experience, and perhaps stay out of difficulty, we will have been amply repaid. Simply click on the links below to download these publications.

We’ll see you out there cruising in 2016.

Click here to download Mariner’s Weather Handbook

Click here to download Surviving the Storm


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