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by Kate Calamusa

Testing, testing, one, two, three: The mic has definitely been “on” since Darren O’Brien and Daeron Katz launched their podcast, “The Boat Geeks,” in January 2024. Fueled by their deep passion for boats, the pair spent five years planning and dreaming up the show, which is devoted to all things Pacific Northwest boating, features an array of experts, authors, gurus and fellow boaters, and is offered up in conversational style.

“We live in such a unique area for boating, and we love talking boats with just about anybody,” states O’Brien of the show’s vision. “It’s so fun to sit down and have a conversation about all kinds of different aspects of boating culture. We learn something new every single time and every single episode.” O’Brien is a longtime boat owner, and the pair jokes that he is the salt of the pair; while Katz brings a wealth of podcast experience, as well as an immense amount of enthusiasm to the table. It’s also a table that is literally situated inside O’Brien’s 50-foot vessel, as the pair recorded each episode in moorage at Port Ludlow. “If you see the curtains sway occasionally in the footage, it’s because we got rolled by a wake,” O’Brien says with a laugh. “But it’s more authentic this way, plus it seems to get guests in a fun frame of mind.”

As of press time, the pair had recorded nine episodes, with the inaugural shows featuring such local luminaries as Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) president Bob Wise, who updated listeners on the org’s latest projects; Jesse Wiegel, the race boss for R2AK, who provided an inside look into the epic, engine-less race; and Jennifer Silver Redmond, an accomplished sailor who reminisced on live-aboard life.

 “I live vicariously through our guests,” says Katz, who works in the video game industry by day. “I’m always so blown away by how boaters just do it. They seize adventure and opportunity and are just so fun to talk to. And given the little slice of boating heaven we live in, there is literally no end to ideas for fresh content.”

New episodes are being released bi-monthly, and the podcast is available on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast players. To stay updated on the latest episodes, follow The Boat Geeks on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) @theboatgeeks, or go to: theboatgeeks.com.

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