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by Kate Calamusa
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First came the sleek Eelex 8000 in 2020, then the equally slick X Shore 1 in 2022. Now, to end cap 2023, Swedish e-boat manufacturer X Shore has released its third vessel, the X Shore PRO. And while at first glance, the PRO maintains the same minimalist, modern aesthetic as the brand’s other vessels, its destiny lies very much elsewhere as X Shore seeks to electrify the working sector with this commercially focused design.

“The boating and shipping industries must be decarbonized and central to this mission is bringing to market viable and scalable alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered vessels,” explains X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu. “The PRO is the natural evolution of our offering. Our flagship Eelex showed that electric vessels can be beautiful and high performance, and the X Shore 1 makes electric boating available at a lower price point. Now, the X Shore PRO shows that electric boats can serve industry and deliver change at scale and reach the lives of more people.”

Geared toward companies and organizations ranging from commercial shuttle services to diving operators and coast guard patrols, the PRO is built on the same 26-foot-long platform as the flagship Eelex 8000, with the same drivetrain and 170kWh electric motor, and is available in either an open or closed cabin format. The transom design of the exterior, with its low floor, makes it easy to load cargo or passengers onto the deck. The interior space inside the closed cabin option can be flexed as additional seating for commuters or storage space for the likes of tools, while the central console helm station features an intuitive touchscreen so that the captain can easily control the cruising speeds dished out by the vessel’s three battery packs. (The open version of the boat uses dual battery packs with 126 kWh of capacity.) The PRO boasts a top speed of 30-plus knots, a cruising speed of 20 knots, and, depending on sea conditions, X Shore maintains it could go anywhere from 24-48 hours on a single change. And like X Shore’s other designs, the ride is whisper quiet.

Each vessel is currently being built to order, and interested parties can book a 30-minute consultation with X Shore to discuss their specific wants and needs. For more details on the X Shore PRO, go to: xshore.com/us/xshore-pro.

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Brandon Forrest December 20, 2023 - 10:22

The X Shore Pro is the latest 100% Electric boat from X Shore! For more information on X Shore and electric boating, please contact your local dealer, Signature Yachts. Signature Yachts is helping lead the transition to all electric boating in the Pacific Northwest.


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