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Goods + Gear – September 2023

by Randy Woods
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Honor Maritime Labor with Rugged Seas

You may not have hauled in tons of cod from the briny deep this morning, but this tough tote contributed in its own indirect way. Made from real recycled work bibs donated to Rugged Seas by hardworking New England fishers, the bag stands up to rough punishment while it honors those who toil every day to supply galleys with fresh seafood. The thick canvas tote, produced by a partnership between Rugged Seas and the Salmon Sisters, measures 14- by 10- by 20-inches and snaps shut with a polished nickel clasp. The bag uses PVC-coated bib material for its waterproof bottom and handles, ensuring your contents stay dry, even on wet sand or slick decks. Custom-designed mermaid artwork on the canvas also gives the bag an added maritime look that’s perfect for day trips to the beach or Labor Day boating parties.  $170 // aksalmonsisters.com

Camper Adds Citrusy Zest to Late-Summer

Okay, it’s already September, but it’s still technically summer until the 23rd—plenty of time left to enjoy warm-weather cocktails before darkness and dampness return. This Aromatic Citrus blend of fruits and spices from Camp Craft Cocktails perfectly balances the warmth of summer with the tang of approaching autumn weather. Hand-packed ingredients include orange, rosemary, thyme, and bitters, infused with non-GMO vegan cane sugar. The blend mixes well with most cocktail favorites—vodka, gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, and a splash of soda or tonic—but can also be steeped with hot water for non-alcoholic options. Each one-gallon jar makes up to 64 cocktails and can be infused twice, offering a total of 128 delectable servings for your thirsty guests. $150 // campcraftcocktails.com

Rovr Caddy Keeps Summr Fun Coolr

Part tote bag, part mobile bar, part mini-fridge: this KeepR Soft Caddy from Rovr handles a lot of beach entertainment tasks at once. With a wide bottom to provide an upright, stable surface, the caddy holds a thermally insulated, one-gallon ice cooler at its center to ensure that all afternoon cocktails stay frosty. Surrounding the cooler are four separated interior sections to organize your drinks, crackers, fruit, cheese, cups, utensils, and whatever else you need for a relaxing picnic on deck or on the shore. Equipped with a rigid, bucket-style handle and a padded grip, the entire caddy can be easily carried like a beach pail. This Special Edition KeepR also features eye-catching mountain vista artwork in vibrant shades of tangerine, sky-blue, and aquamarine. $175 // rovrproducts.com

Trucker Hat

Watch Ol’ Bandit Run with Out West Trucker Hat

If you’ve got a long way to go and short time to get there, there’s no better sartorial addition than a gool ol’ trucker hat. The “Out West” edition of the classic Richardson 112 model baseball cap features a handsome leather patch designed by Casey Underwood, a prolific artist and outdoorsman from Bozeman, Montana. The embossed drawing of an elk, a hungry trout on the line, and mountain stream scenery makes a perfect complement to a day of fishing in the Cascades or off the boat. The adjustable snapback comes with a curved brim and front panel in classic olive with black stitching, plus all-mesh black panels in the rear for added ventilation. If you’re eastbound and down, loaded up, and truckin’, this Out West cap will keep you one step ahead of “them smokies.” $29 // caseyunderwood.com

Feet Feel Fabulous in Simms Flats

Hey, who’s that wading in the surf wearing high-top sneakers?… Actually, it’s an angler wearing the newly redesigned Flats Sneaker from Simms, which now uses Right Angle footbed technology for all-day comfort. Whether you’re waiting for a nibble on the saltwater flats or fly fishing in a mountain stream, these durable shoes will keep your feet and ankles dry and protected from sand, rocks, or reefs you find along the way. The mid-cut, lace toed footwear performs the same function as waders, but with much less weight and greater flexibility. Using saltwater friendly materials, nonabsorbent foam lining, and non-marking, gum rubber outsoles for traction on slippery surfaces, the Flats sooth, as well as support, tired feet. Comes in a serene boulder gray with a blue Simms trout silhouette logo. $180 // Available locally at Pacific Fly Fishers, pacificflyfishers.com

Luci In the Sky, With Lumens

When your day trips keep going after the sun goes down, carry some of that energy to light up the night with the Luci Outdoor 2.0 solar-powered lantern. The 5-inch diameter cylinder from Mpowrd needs seven hours of sunlight to charge its lithium-ion battery, providing 75 lumens of off-the-grid light for up to six hours (or 24 hours on the low setting). The waterproof lantern can withstand up to 150 pounds of pressure, collapses down to 1-inch for easy stowage, and uses 10 LED bulbs that are always cool to the touch, whether on or off. The adjustable base strap makes carrying the lantern a breeze for camping, boating, hiking, or kayaking. Got no sun? Northwest boaters, never fear—Luci 2.0 now comes with a USB-C charging port for cloudy days to keep your lantern glowing into the night. $30 // mpowerd.com

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