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Goods + Gear – April 2024

by Randy Woods

This Little Turtlebox Rocks

For those who still have some work to do on their boat’s audio system, here’s an option that lets you carry your tunes anywhere the party is headed. This new Gen 2 version of the Turtlebox portable speaker produces up to 120 decibels of good-time sound. Enclosed in a rugged, 100% waterproof, dustproof casing, the 12”-wide sound machine includes a titanium and stainless steel frame capable of withstanding the punishment of outdoor recreation. Powered by a nine-cell, 85-watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, the lightweight, 10-pound unit gives you 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge and can maintain a secure position on almost any flat surface with its large rubber feet. Other Gen 2 improvements include a reinforced rubber and nylon handle, a new brick-pattern grille design to increase strength, and a Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade. Available in multiple color combinations, the Turtlebox looks as good as it sounds. $399 // turtleboxaudio.com

Goods + Gear Backpack

Let the Water Roll Off Your Back (Pack)

This rolltop backpack from Rugged Seas employs the time-tested technology used by hard-working anglers for centuries: the nearly indestructible fisherman’s bib. Stitched together with recycled clips, straps, and canvas used in real bibs, the backpack features a waterproof base that allows you to rest it on the deck without dampening any sensitive contents. The insides will remain dry enough to carry electronics, such as a smartphone or laptop, which can be secured in its own separate interior pouch. Measuring 17” by 13” by 6”, the backpack also includes side pockets for other weatherproof items and an exterior zipper pocket. Made with vivid, two-tone blue and orange colors, the backpack is a must for the wet springs of the Northwest. $170 // ruggedseas.com

A Swift Lite Hat for a Tailored Fit

Tired of wearing the same old waterlogged Mariners cap all spring? This baseball-style Swift Lite Tech cap from Outdoor Research will help keep your head from getting soaked in the April showers and your eyes shielded from the rare, unexpected sunbreaks. Made with featherweight and breathable polyester and spandex materials approved by the Bluesign certification program for environmental sustainability, the stretchy cap fits closely to the head to remain secure during vigorous use and has a quick release buckle for easy adjustment and release. With UPF 30 sun protection, the cap is perfect for running, long hikes, kayak expeditions, fishing trips, or just strolling downtown. Its moisture-wicking fabric and laser-perforated side panels allow for increased ventilation and air drying. Swift Lite comes in basic black or a calming balsam green for a stylish look, both indoors and out. $38 // outdoorresearch.com

TidyBoards Bring Balance to Food Prep

No matter the size of your galley, organization and balance are the keys to culinary success. TidyBoard will help you meet these goals for your next boating party with this food-prep kit. The system in based on a 14.25”-square hardwood acacia cutting board, equipped with an aluminum arm that can be extended to hang over the sink and collect prepped foods in containers. The board is ingeniously designed to balance up to 9 pounds of food in the containers while keeping the cutting-board in place. TidyBoard offers a Starter Kit that includes one board, plus two large and two small microwave-safe containers and strainers. A larger Pro Kit is also available with all of the above, plus an additional four mini-containers, two stainless steel containers, and a four-pack of silicone utensils. All containers come with lids and are collapsable for stowage in tight spaces. $130 Starter Kit; $160 Pro Pack // tidyboard.com

Thank God it’s Friday Harbor Seafood Seasoning

For those still hungering for more after exploring the seacuterie recipes found in this issue (see pages 42-49), San Juan Island Sea Salt will keep your taste buds dancing with this all-purpose blend of spices. Providing a peppery tang, mingled with fresh garden herbs and a lemony zest, this Friday Harbor Seafood Blend is fine-tuned to enhance, but not overpower, the delicate flavors of Salish Sea fish, shrimp, and crabs. All-organic ingredients include garlic, onion, paprika, mustard, sugar, rosemary, parsley, white pepper, black pepper, chili flakes, citric acid, and lemon peel. Suggested dishes include roasted halibut, pan-fried shrimp, Westcott Bay oysters, and many other local favorites from the deep. You won’t be disappointed with any of the seafood tastes you’re craving. $13 per 3.5 oz. jar; $20 for a refill bag // sanjuanislandseasalt.com

A Carafe That Charts its Own Course

Sometimes you want to follow the crowd. Sometimes you feel the need to swim back upstream. This elegant wine or water carafe lets you follow your own course with a whimsical school-of-fish design etched into the lead-free, cut crystal. While most of the stylized fish appear to swirl around in one direction, one maverick likes to buck the trends and swims against the current. The dishwasher-safe carafe is made in Slovakia, diamond-wheel engraved and polished in the U.S., and offered as part of the Timothy De Clue Collection, which recently opened a bricks-and-mortar office in downtown Seattle. The delicately tapered and angled shape will make this carafe a cherished wine-cabinet addition to any boat or nautically themed den, as well as a memorable crystalline tribute to rugged individualism. $79 // timothydecluecollection.com

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