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Grow Boating Offers Grants

by Eva Seelye

Grow Boating Offers Grants The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) is now accepting grant applications for their 2019 program, which is dedicated to assisting non-profits that are seeking to promote Pacific Northwest boating. The Grow Boating program encourages those who boat to get out on the water more often and those who don’t to dip their feet in the boating world.

Director of Grow Boating Mark Yuasa describes the program’s growth, “Our efforts and programs have reached more than a million people since 2003. We’re very pleased to be able to continue supporting non-profit groups who share our mission of getting more people out on the water or introduced to the joys of boating into our 16th year.”

The NMTA has spent $1.5 million since 2003 in promotional costs for Pacific Northwest boating through events, programs, and sponsorships, with no sign of letting up. This year come mid-April, the NMTA will have awarded up to $20,000 in grants. “I call our Grow Boating Committee ‘The Lab’,” says NMTA president George Harris. “We’re always looking for that next big idea.”

Those interested in grants should apply to one of three categories: Youth Boating Grant, Discover Boating Grant, and Boater Education/Safety Grant.

Youth Boating Grants are awarded to an organization or group in search of funding an event or program with the specific purpose of increasing youth participation in boating activities. The category is acknowledgement that getting the new generation into boating is vital for the area’s boating community.

Group or organizations who receive Discover Boating Grants will sponsor an event or program that introduces new people to boating. For the NMTA, this is a familiar theme. The organization is behind the West Coast’s largest boat show, the Seattle Boat Show, and a host of other key industry events from the new Anacortes Boat & Yacht Show to Kirkland Uncorked.

Lastly, if the group or program has a goal to educate new or current boaters on how to practice on-water safety, they will be a good fit for a Boater Education/Safety Grant. Keeping boaters safe is an important part of keeping boaters on the water, afterall.

Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2019. Grants will be awarded mid-April. To apply, visit nmta.net/grow-boating.com. If you have any questions, contact Mark Yuasa via email at mark@nmta.net

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