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Man + Kayak vs Hammerhead

by Kurt Hoehne

Florida shark fisherman Adam Fisk hooked a Hammerhead this week from his kayak, and spent the next couple hours getting towed and taking video. Personally, I’d go back the concept of “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…” Here’s Fisk’s story:

I hooked a Hammerhead shark yesterday and fought it for about 2 hrs. It towed me for miles causing me to beach my kayak two cities over from where I launched.

Shark turned out to be about 11 feet. It charged me a few times when I had the camera off.

Another hammerhead chased me for 10 minutes straight after I let the first one go.

I managed to get some footage of being towed behind the shark, and put the camera in the water to capture some under water footage of my tow ride (3:40 onwards).
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Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e13_1395715391#KzX3oRR1SyKM9IGq.99

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