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Mark Yuasa Selected as New NMTA Director

by Norris Comer

Mark YuasaQ: What do you bring to the table? How have your past experiences equipped you for the job?

The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) recently announced the addition of Mark Yuasa to their staff as the new Director of Grow Boating programs. Yuasa will be responsible for overseeing the Northwest Salmon Derby Series, managing grants and sponsorships tied to the Seattle Boat Show, and organizing various boating events. We caught up with Yuasa, who has been hitting the ground running, to ask a few questions.

Q: How is your experience with the NMTA going thus far? Are you excited to be a part of the team?

The NMTA has brought something new and exciting every day since I began in early September. I’m still learning and gaining knowledge, but feel that I bring a lot to the table that will be valuable for the NMTA and its members. The team at the NMTA office is a great and highly motivated small group of individuals who all enjoy boating and the outdoors, and we each do our part to help out with a wide variety of tasks around the office.

There is a time to be serious and focused, but on occasion we like to have fun, talk about life outside the office, laugh and smile, and open the windows and smell the fresh air wafting off Lake Union.

I worked for 33 years at The Seattle Times, and more than 25 years as the fishing and outdoors columnist. Fishing and boating are both deeply intertwined, and have been lifelong passions of mine. Each has given me a deep understanding of just how important their roles play in the Pacific Northwest where we are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many bodies of water!

I have been very involved in Boy Scouting with my two sons, and feel that one of the most important values in life is ensuring our youth get a chance to enjoy the many outdoor activities, which coincidentally include boating, sailing, and fishing just to name a few. The youth are our leaders and recreational boaters of tomorrow.

My experience will help ensure directing the NMTA’s Grow Boating Program­—the largest regional program in the country—that includes the Northwest Salmon Derby Series; writing a monthly sport-fishing column Reel Times with Mark; promotions and public relations; and grants and event sponsorships will keep us sailing in the right direction.

Q: Is anything exciting on the horizon that boaters can look forward to?

I am in the process of finalizing the Seattle Boat Show fishing seminars, and we’ve got a refreshed lineup of fishing experts along with a few new ones. Without getting into too many details, we have some geared to kayak fishing and others that will key-in on fishing east of the Cascades. Also, look for some new changes to the Northwest Salmon Fishing Derby Series in 2018!

The addition of a new third location for the Seattle Boat Show at Bell Harbor Marina means more boats on display, including some eye-popping larger vessels, plus free parking is back with a shuttle service between all three show locations and improved ticket options.

I was involved in the advertising creative selection process, and boaters can look forward to a new logo design, revamped advertising campaign, and a new website for the Seattle Boat Show.

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