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Reel Beauty

by Matilda Henry

Islander TR3 Reel // $723.00

TR3 ReelShow-stopping good looks can only improve your day of fishing, so check out Islander’s latest, the TR3 fully sealed disk drag mooching reel. It’s not just the stunning looks that count; inside the TR3 is an all new stacked disk system made from ultra-high-performance fluoropolymer material known for its low coefficient of friction, durability, and consistent performance across wide temperature ranges.

Islander is promoting this newest reel for smooth consistent performance, zero start-up inertia, and fighting power. But doesn’t beauty take a lot of maintenance? The TR3’s four O-rings create an impenetrable barrier for the fully ceramic bearings, which prevent contamination and corrosion. As a result, the drag requires virtually no ongoing maintenance to perform at its best.

Now that the TR3 has you looking, check out the oversized, ported paddle handles added to give you a more secure grip in challenging weather. There’s a newly designed ventilated spool, a no-creep system for precision depth control, plus minimum drag setting to prevent overrunning birds’ nests. Of course, the standard Islander reel features are still there along with the two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Specifications: Diameter is 4.6”, width is 0.9”, and the TR3 weighs 17.6 oz. It holds 350 yds. of 30 lb. monofilament. The TR3 is available from fishing retailers or direct from the manufacturer at ca.store.islander.com, at about $723.00 USD.

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