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by Schelleen Rathkopf

Monaro 257

Monaro Marine Ltd. designs and builds its own unique brand of semi-custom, rugged all- weather fiberglass powerboats that range between 21’ to 30’. Located in Richmond, British Columbia, the boats are built for the harshest environments and have developed a cult following of boat owners.

“I drive rescue boats for the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue,” says Ned Baess, an owner of the popular Monaro 24. “Knowing how to handle heavy seas and high winds, the Monaro is the only boat, of many I’ve owned, that I’ve taken out in storm conditions. It dances through the chop! If I crash it in a deep trough, it grunts, and then it gets right back to business.”

Tooling began on the first Monaro 45 years ago, when founder Dan Parker felt a need for a high-quality, semi-production small cruiser. The market would be small, but he knew some people who were in search of a great, rough water boat. The original Monaro factory was in Parker’s garage and the original boat was 21 feet, the largest boat that could be built and still fit inside that small home garage. In 1976, the first Monaro 21 was launched, and two years of research, design, and mold-making paid off on that fine spring day.

Since that first boat, Monaro has earned a reputation from boat owners and those in the marine industry of building the toughest boats in their class. The combination of great handling, a dry and level ride, excellent visibility, good use of space, and easy trailerability are the major reasons why Monaro boats are so popular.

“We are on our third Monaro as we keep upsizing,” explains Bob and Gail Affleck, owners of the Monaro 29. “We continue to enjoy the quality, fuel efficiency, toughness, and smooth ride that typifies a Monaro.”

Monaro’s fan base is far-reaching with customers deep in northern Canada, southern Chile, and within proximity of the North Pole. World-renowned photographer Peter Vassilopoulos has a Monaro, and says that is how he has been able to shoot the B.C., Alaska, and Washington coasts.

Monaro 235 and 298

Top of Page: Monaro 257. Left: Monaro 235. Right: Monaro 298.

Since the original Monaro 21, Parker has continued with a 24-, 27-, and 29-foot models. The interiors have gone through iterations to expand upon creature comforts. Popular new options include hot water diesel furnaces, serious windshield defoggers, solar panels, and freezers. Today, Monaro is developing the 235 and 257, which are both modeled after the popular 24, but have a larger carrying capacity. Powered with outboards, it is proving to have even better rough water performance.

To learn more about Monaro boats, contact Dan Parker, President of Monaro Marine Ltd. at (604) 277-7433 or visit them online at monaromarine.com.

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