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Mustang Survival Announces R2AK Sponsorship

by Eva Seelye

Mustang boat on waterFor 50 years, British Columbia-based Mustang Survival has developed innovative marine gear to combat any weather the Pacific Northwest could muster up, and they recently announced their sponsorship of Race to Alaska (R2AK), the West Coast race that puts racers and their gear through the ultimate Pacific Northwest marine performance test. R2AK participants make their way through a 750-mile stretch from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska, respecting just one rule: no motors.

Whether you’re aboard a monohull, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard, the choice is yours, so long as you’re cruising along by human power or wind power only.

The prize? $10,000 if you come in first or a set of steak knives if you come in second, and whether you’re first or last, you’ll get a lifetime supply of bragging rights for simply finishing the darn thing. Race Boss Daniel Evans comments on races passed,“Teams are pretty shredded by the time they finish.” Jason Leggatt, Mustang Survival’s general manager, chimes in, “But with Mustang Survival, their gear won’t be.”

Mustang Survival’s commitment to the “protection and enhancement of those who push themselves to extremes” seems to fit snuggly into their new role as R2AK sponsor. Their products are the result of their constant work to better performance and a goal to “encourage exploration and inspire adventure in the marine environment.” Their fine-tuned products are extremely waterproof, breathable, and durable, and Mustang has produced dry solutions for coast guard, military, and water rescue professionals for years. In addition to apparel (including outerwear, base layers, gloves, headwear, and more), they also produce bags and packs and flotation devices including inflatable Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), flotation clothing, foam PFDs, Kid’s PFDs, accessories, Re-Arm Kits, and more. Their website is searchable by product as well as by activity. To read more about Mustang Survival’s commitment to durable adventure, visit mustangsurvival.com.

Interested in participating in 2019’s R2AK? Submit your application by April 15 at r2ak.com. The race kicks off on June 3.

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