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New Italian Lift Arrives to Seaview West

by Norris Comer

Seaview Boatyard’s Shilshole location recently welcomed their newest addition: an 80-ton industrial boat lift from the Italian company Boat Lift. The lift is noteworthy because it is the first on the West Coast from the Italian company, and boatyard owner Phil Riise is excited for the suite of high-tech features.
Seaview West Boatlift

Seaview’s new lift: Fresh off the boat and being assembled. Ciao!

 “This machine has four-wheel steering, and the remote package is standard. The lift can turn 90 degrees virtually in place while crabbing. Amazing stuff! It can basically turn inside of itself. Talk about ultimate maneuverability,” Riise told us.

“There’s also no cab. When I saw that, I asked, ‘Where’s the cab?’ and the sales rep I was with replied, ‘Why do you need a cab?’ The cool thing is that it has three separate ways of operation: remote, computer backup (a pendant hardwired to it like a computer mouse), and, if all else fails, you can open a compartment to operate the machine manually.”

Additionally, the model order is an “extreme beam forward,” model. The top beam, instead of being in-line with the forward columns, is four feet forward. This layout gets the top beam away from the main beam so obstacles like stays don’t have to be detached as often. The extreme beam forward also gets the obstacle away from the flybridge or tophouse so the user can properly sling the boat and still have a balanced load.

What’s more, Northwest Yachting documented the lift assembly on video! That’s right, our drone pilot Dan Kasmar worked overtime to produce a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, time-lapse aerial drone video of the lift assembly at the yard. You can view the video on our new YouTube Channel. If you are interested in working with Dan to produce video content for a story or your business, feel free to contact us at editorial@nwyachting.com, or call our office at 206-789-8116.

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