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NOODs End a Bit Early

by Kurt Hoehne

This year’s NOOD regatta off Shilshole, which ended a bit early due to lack of wind on Sunday, will likely be remembered a lot more for its current than its wind or any wins or losses. As J/24 and overall winner Chris Snow says in this Sperry/Sailing World video, it was mostly about minimizing losses.



There was good wind for the classes that raced Friday, and there is good footage here.



Chime in the comments area below and let us know how things went in your class. I’ll start off with the Laser fleet. Michael O’Brien had a very strong performance on Saturday, and Seattle Laser Fleet captain Carlos Abisambra finished the regatta with three bullets to climb into a tie for second with David Brink. Several times on the weekend we either couldn’t make way against adverse current. With plus current tactics were a matter of gauging how not to get swept the wrong side of a mark.

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