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Our Friends Need A New Home

by Kurt Hoehne

The folk at the Second Wave consignment store (and parent company Dunatos) have been looking for new location that Second Wave can  call home. Their current landlord has  plans for that prime property, and the grace period is running out. If you know of a potential location, please get in touch with them asap at 206 632-4371. It would be a shame to lose that store where the thrifty can equip their boat on a budget. Personally, I’ve had good luck there. Here’s a little “about” from the Second Wave website:SW_interior

The idea for the Second Wave came from our annual ‘yard sales’ at Dunato’s Boatyard. The boatyard sales were so fun and successful we convinced the owner, John Dunato, to open up a new and used marine parts store – Second Wave. We opened for business in April of 2000. Since then our inventory has expanded tremendously and our customerbase has grown incredibly. We believe our present and future success depends on our commitment to our customers.

This website is an attempt to offer you a glimpse of our vast inventory of new and used marine parts and equipment. During your visit keep in mind our inventory is changing constantly. An item that is in one day may be gone the next and new items are constantly coming in, so visit frequently. We want to help you find the marine parts you need. If you have an inquiry about a particular item displayed in this site or not, we will be happy to assist you in your search. Further, Second Wave wants to expand its inventory and if you are interested in consigning your quality marine products check out our consignment page.

Thank you for visiting our website!! We hope your visit was full of discovery. Please come back soon.

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