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Overboard Seminar on Saturday

by Kurt Hoehne

manoverboardWe just learned about this one (coming up in two days!), and it’s a great idea. If you’ve never been in the water fully clothed, or wonder what in the world you do if that happens, here’s an opportunity to learn. Credit Northwest Yachting Magazine’s racing editor Ben Braden with bringing this traditional safety measure up to the surface again, and our friends at Seattle Sailing Club for putting it into action. Here’s the press release:

This Saturday (Jan. 18), experience a seminar unlike any SSC has hosted before! Thanks to a great idea from SNW broker, Ben Braden, we are providing an opportunity to safely experience what it’s like to be overboard in all your winter gear. Instructed by a lifeguard instructor/ sailor/water safety guru Mary Braden, you will have a chance to experience trying to swim in all your foul weather gear, deploy your inflatable life jacket, and learn a ton! Some of the topics:

Leave your boots on, or kick them off?

Swimming in your gear

The problem with Velcro

Pros-Cons of various Life Jacket styles

How to help your crew get you back on board

Alternative flotation measures

For most people that fall overboard, the combination of inexperience, cold, and lack of mobility result in one thing: PANIC. As with many things, learning a theory is good, but having personal experience is better. Join this seminar to learn more about what to expect if you ever find yourself in that very serious situation, and help reduce the PANIC response.

Every wonder that it’s like to manually blow up your Inflatable PDF while swimming?

The program will take place at the Ballard Community Pool (1471 NW 67th St, Seattle, WA 98117, (206) 684-4094) from 2pm – 4pm this coming Saturday, January 18th, but please arrive no later than 1:45 to change and be ready for an on-time start. Plan to wear a swimsuit under your gear, and obviously bring a change of clothes.

We recommend wearing everything you would on a winter day on the Sound. This may include:

Sea Boots with Heavy Socks

Wicking and Fleece layers on top and bottom

Full suit of Foulies

Gloves, Hat, Gaiter, etc.

Your life jacket inflatable or regular, (we’ll bring a bunch from SSC, too)

Since we’ll be out of the office, please CALL to RSVP and pay for your space in the Seminar. Space is limited, so reserve early! The cost is $35/person.

RSVP to Joe Cline @ joe@seattlesailing.com

Or call 206.286.1004

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Ben January 16, 2014 - 12:51

This is open to members of the Seattle Sailing Club and Non-Members alike!


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